5%er Text Book, Supreme In The Of G.O.D., Supreme Lessons Of The Gods And Earths, The Problem Book () (FIVE PERCENTER KNOWLEDGE). +. Degree Lessons:: The Knowledge of Self For The Black Man. +. Supreme Lessons of the Gods and Earths: A Guide for 5 Percenters to Follow As. F – Father Allah is the father of the five percent nation also the father of . We teach Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and Lessons, over the.

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Coleand Talib Kweli. While it was impressive that Hov made a guest appearance during Jay Elect’s set, something else stood out even more. Clarence, a former member of the Nation of Islam, was originally a student of Malcom X, who was an African American minister and human rights activist. The Nation of Islam is a religious movement whose goals were to improve the economic, mental, and social condition of African Americans in the US. On top of that, Smith believed God was not a supernatural being, but rather something found in all black males.

He believed women were subordinate to men, and therefore did not possess God. The name Five-Percenters comes from the notion that only a mere five percent of all of humanity know the real truth about existence. In the beginning, the Nation of Gods and Earths were seen as a little more than a branch of the Nation of Islam. Representatives taught that Islam is a natural way of living. Moreover, they taught that Asiatic black people the non-whites were the original human beings on earth, deeming them the fathers and mothers of civilization.

Members of this group must learn the Supreme Mathematics and Supreme Alphabet. These are powerful tools that are used to interpret the meaning the universe.


Five-Percent Nation

Each letter and number will yield a concept. For example, 1 is knowledge, 2 is wisdom, A is Allah. Clarence Smith passed away in after being murdered in his housing project in Harlem.

Percetner certainly left his mark, as the Five-Percenters are active to this day. As the rappers took the stage and showcased their talent through the mic, the show eventually began to turn another direction.

The emcees started to touch on a more spiritual level. It became much more than the music, and even more than a message.

It became a manifestation for what we now know as hip hop culture. With Five Percenter vibes riding with them along the way, these lyricists incorporated the teachings of the Nation of Gods and Earth into their songwriting. Some of the best to have ever been on the microphone have either lfssons students of, or have been influenced by, lessojs teachings of the Five Percenters.

And this was going on lexsons every New York ghetto. Popularity of the group is prominent among many African-American male youth, mostly in poor, urban areas. The rappers mentioned above have their lyrics laced with the Five Percent doctrine, whether you’ve noticed it or not.

In addition to implementing their beliefs into their music, they also have used the Five Percent flag on their album covers.

Plus lessons of the Five Percent

The vast majority of the Five Percenters appears to be on the East Coast, not coincidentally also the birth place of rap and hip hop music. Of course, as we’ve already mentioned, Jay Z is another rapper to help the cause.

The photograph of the power couple began to circulate social media and turned many heads. Note this is not the first time Jay Z was spotted representing the group. Last summer, he was linked to the organization during his promotional tour for his most recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail.


He was again photographed while giving radio interviews wearing a medallion very similar to the one worn during the Nets game. Knowledge, lesosns, freedom, understanding- we just want our equality. Some followers took offense as they believed Jay Z was using their symbol as a fashion accessory.

Returning to Jay Electronica, whose real name Timothy Thedford, the connection to the Five Percent Nation becomes clearer after reading about his childhood and upbringing.

He was born on Oessons 19, in the Mangolia Projects of New Orleans, which is well known for holding some of the highest crime rates in the country. At the age of 19, Jay left the city to pursue his music career.

The struggles of living a nomadic life came into play as he bounced around from city to city.

Time after time he was booed off stage due to his Southern accent and dialogue. His career finally went under way as he settle in the city of Detroit and linked with J. His big break came after he released Act I: A Brief History Lesson. The Five Percent Nation: We unravel the history behind this piece and what it exactly means to be a part of this Five Percent Nation. This site 1120 cookies.

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