ISU ISDN Service Unit. USER MANUAL. Part Number. ISU (U If experiencing difficulty with this equipment, please contact ADTRAN for repair. to connect to the unit. Configuring the DataBand ISU (S unit type) for VTC applications: NOTE: This device is a replacement to the Adtran ISU device. ISU – ADTRAN Support Read more about isdn, manual, bonding, interface, terminal and configuration.

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ADTRAN ISU 512E Multiplexer Specification Sheet

Box Huntsville, AL Phone: The telephone company may require this equipment to be disconnected from the network until the problem is corrected, or it is certain the equipment is not malfunctioning. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protec- tion against harmful interference in a residential environment. Cet appareil nuerique respecte les limites de bruits radioelectriques applicables aux appareils numeriques de Class B prescrites dans la norme sur le materiel brouilleur: The Canadian Industry and Science Canada label identifies certified equip- ment.

This certification means that the equipment meets certain issu network protective, manuaal, and safety requirements.

Before installing this equipment, ensure that it is permissible to be connected to the 521 cilities of the local telecommunications company. Table of Contents Rate Adaption List of Figures Figure ISU Rear Panel ISU U interface Applications Adtan Port VT Menu VT Configuration Menu VT Configuration Menu VT Status Screen ISU Synchronous Rates RS Dialing Port Pinouts The ISU is a basic inverse multiplexer that provides cost-effective high-speed data transmission for a single applica- tion at rates up to kbps.

This allows end-to-end compatibility when communicating with a video system that is utilizing two Switched 56 DSUs or a dual-port ISDN terminal adaptor. The first call incoming or outgoing connects to the V.

It is the most feature-rich and supports most voice and data addtran. In some areas, ISDN tariffs may warrant the use of ordering codes with less fea- tures.

The maximum cable lengths recommended are 50 feet for the RS interface, or feet for the V. Channel Rate is not required to make changes to the Call Type. The dial string 3 is the same as 3 6. ISDN connections, and disconnect calls. Most problems can be solved without resorting to this port for assistance. See the appendix Pi- nouts for a diagram of this cable.

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Once the self test is successfully completed, the current status mode is displayed. All menu operations are displayed in the LCD window or are available from the VT terminal interface. The opening menu is the access point to all other operations. There are four Main menu branches: Status, Test, Configuration, and Dial.

Dial provides manual dialing functions. Key in a number to dial or select one of the ten stored adtean. Basic Menu Traversal Four function keys on the left side of the ISU keypad allow the various menu branches to be entered, exited, and scrolled through.

The four function keys are defined below ISU during an active call.

Indicates the ISU is ready to transmit. Figure illustrates the entire Configuration branch of the menu tree. Switched 56 service is desired. This directs the call control software to request an unrestricted 64 kbps circuit. ISU User Manual For instance, there are no SPIDs for a point-to-point line.

Multipoint lines may have one or two SPIDs. ISU User Manual Another method is to stop sending num- bers and allow the ISU to time out, then dial the number. Use the following menu path: The ringing call can be dumped using the Hang Up Line command. Disable Auto Answer if V. Place a call to the ISU with the stored number to manul if it answers. Use the following menu path to access Maintenance Setup for Dial Line operation: This mode is only supported by the ISU U interface.

Data Call connected at unexpected data rate. The DTE Options menu is used to select the configuration parameters that manuao trol the operation of the DTE interface ports of the ISUsuch as the maxi- mum bit rate and the connector type. The RS Y cable part number L1 is used for dual-port video appli- cations. Idle when Isuu forces the unit to end the current call when DTR is no longer asserted.

See Manul Operating Protocols in this chapter for more information on recommended modes mqnual operation.

Values of 1, 2, 5, 10 default20, 50,and seconds can be selected. This option specifies the amount of delay placed between calls.

The default setting is 0 ms no delay. Values of 0 ms defaultms, ms, ms, 1 second, and 2 seconds can be selected. These include various dial, leased, and video options.

Service type Automatic answering Maximum bit rate Up and Down arrows permit viewing and selection of a stored number. Press Enter to dial the number. A copy of that number is saved as stored number 9 SN9 for redial purposes.

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What’s missing? Tell us about it.

If a mistake is made, press Cancel to clear the line and allow another attempt. Press Cancel twice in succession to exit without changing the selected stored number. The ISU supports V. This allows per- formance of a bit error rate test BERT between the ISU and end user equipment to verify proper cable connection, etc. The originating ISU generates the patterns and checks the incoming pat- tern for errors.

NT-1 to the switch. Ensure the ISU is receiving power and is switched On. Con- tinue holding 0 for approximately 30 seconds, until the unit powers up. Contact the phone service provider for help.

The problem is one or more of the following: The problem is in one or more of the following places: The software setup of the telephone service provider To isolate the problem, use the following procedure: The ISU is unable to establish layer 3.

The software setup of the telephone service provider To isolate the problem, perform the following procedure. Messages with lower case letters are generated by the ISU Call Connect 5112 Bearer channel 1 connected and is currently active.

Call Connect B2 Bearer channel 2 connected and is currently active. BPS mismatch Bonding manua found a bit rate mismatch.


BUSY The called number is busy. Call not ringing User idu an answer command A but there was not a call present. Dump call ISU could not accept an incoming call because it was already involved in a call. Received a cause message from the network that is not understood.

This may cause 2 x Clear Channel mode to fail to come on-line. Determines how the ISU answers an incoming call. Determines how long the ISU waits for an outgoing S Determines which is the current operating DTE connector. Determines the amount of time the RS port waits for S Selects the operating mode of the ISU Allows the ISU to screen incoming calls. Stored number 8 string SS Stored number 9 string lsu See the section The Maintenance Interface in Chapter 3 for more informa- tion.