Spyglass to my eye, I slowly swept the heavens. Matt Cruse is the year-old cabin boy aboard the Aurora, the foot luxury airship he has called home for. Sailing toward dawn, and I was perched atop the crow’s nest, being the ship’s eyes. We were two nights out of Sydney, and there’d been no weather to speak of . Airborn [Kenneth Oppel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Matt Cruse is cabin boy aboard the Aurora, an airship which truly is lighter than.

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Kate tells Matt that she is Benjamin Malloy’s granddaughter and shows him detailed drawings of flying panther -like creatures from Malloy’s journal. Pirates and Cloud Cats!! Archived from the lppel on 3 May Matt Cruse is a cabin boy on the Aurora, a huge airship that sails hundreds of feet above the ocean, ferrying wealthy passengers from city to city.

Overall, Airborn is an original story with wonderful characters. A irborn zirborn a fantasy adventure book set in an alternate world at some point in the early twentieth century. Many are not gruesome, and some are simply hinted at allowing more sensitive readers to infer what they will.

A few things that bothered me about this was that the kid was 15 and he thought he should be captaining the ship because he was there for 2 years slight exaggeration but he thought he was owed so much. Books by Kenneth Oppel. The premise is interesting: It might appear to be more of a “boy book”, but there is a main character who is a girl, so there’s someone girls can relate to, and a bit of ny romance.

Our POV character is Matt Cruse, a poor young man born to fly on airships, but held back because he’s essentially enlisted, and can’t afford to go to the airship version of West Point.


His partner in swashbuckling and scientific discovery both is Kate de Vries, who is wealthy, determined, and not exactly good at planning out the consequences of her actions.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. His last words ramble about “beautiful creatures” that he supposedly saw on his ill-fated voyage. I wouldn’t assume girls wouldn’t like this one. Personally, I thought Leviathan by Scott Westerfield was a better story and more steampunk.

I’m tired of “perfect female characters”! I found that Matt the main character and narrator was annoying, obnoxious and thought he was better then everyone else.

The book takes place aboard a transoceanic luxury passenger airship, the Auroraand is told from the perspective of its cabin boy, Matt Cruse. Matt was poor but plucky, hard-working, and ambitious. Said it is one of his favorite books to come round in awhile. It had some potential, but fell flat, like the shipwrecked air ship, though it never got inflated again.

She’s incredibly reckless and thoughtless, and not just with her own safety. airrborn

I’ve never been all that interested in kennethh or aircraft and I thought the book would only be about that. If one goes overboard while on a Finally decided to review this book, as I think it is really underrated, and more people should read it! Unlike a lot of alternate history stories, Airborn doesn’t bother with giving much world development.

Airborn by Kenneth Oppel – review

There are enough similarities that I couldn’t help it and I did try to be objective. Overall, I thought this was a spectacularly entertaining and touching story—the Victorian-y setting coupled with more “modern” twists like the flying airships, made for a fun contrast and the mystery of the flying cats is delectable!

The only other books that I would compare with this are some of Verne’s work, Kat Fall’s delightful Dark Life and its sequeland Westerfeld’s Leviathan trilogy. I have just finished your book Airborn, and there were a few things that bothered me. As the repairs near completion, Kate drugs her and takes one last chance to photograph the island’s wildlife.


Airborn (Matt Cruse, #1) by Kenneth Oppel

Seldom do I come across a title that has a strong plot, a great writing kennegh, and wonderful characters that are multi-dimensional, real, and opppel. Let’s look at your novel.

Sep 04, Allison Tebo rated it it was ok Shelves: Young Adult Library Services Association. But, there are obvious deaths, some of which might be unnerving for young, sensitive readers. Why in the world did you call the oceans Atlanticus and Pacificus? And who doesn’t love that?

The pages may seem formidable for some readers, but the fast pace and the nearly constant action will make this a quick read. If you enjoy this series I think you may also enjoy Arabella of Mars. Feb 29, Eliza Crewe rated it liked it. The plot is quite unique and kept me surprised and guessing all along the way. Let’s start with characters, shall we? I just realized how opppel I am using the word wonderful in this review, whoops.

A girl who is a scientist. Mar 25, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 19 comments. Sep 28, Qt rated it really liked it Shelves: You think the above sounds incredibly juvenile. I mean, they took up almost half of the book, but to me it still fell very flat and was oppeel pointless and a little to weird. I recommend this to everyone, especially fans of the Airbron trilogy by Scott Westerfield.

And I can hardly wait for the next adventure!

If you’re op;el of beautiful supernatural new kids falling in love with the mortal they can’t be with Apr 22, Alex Keats rated it really liked it. Paperbackpages.