Star*Drive was a campaign setting put out for Alternity, TSR’s ambitious but clumsy science-fiction RPG. Much in the way that Greyhawk is considered the. “The STAR*DRIVE campaign setting, designed for use with the ALTERNITY science fiction roleplaying game, brings to life the world of the future. Humanity has. I used Black Starfall and Red Starrise as introductory adventures to Alternity/Star* Drive, in general. But, because of the timeline difference.

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Wizards of the Coast This page, full-color book includes more than 45 new alien species with detailed descriptions and illustrations. They found that it contained the location of what could only be a klick base. The news from the Verge isn’t all good, but what news ever is?

In addition to humans, players can run a character from one of the handful of alien space-faring races that lie within the known space. In these pages you’ll find details on the station, her occupants, and a description of life and adventure aboard the Lighthouse: The Concord has seized this oppurtunity to take the war to the enemy. Send encrypted data between star systems? In these pages, you’ll find general information about the planet Lison and how to managa a campaign on this unusual world.

This comprehensive guide to characters with fantastic abilities is guaranteed to change the way you play the game. It also includes a page booklet of record-keeping aids: In the course of the past five centuries, humans have contacted several alien races.

Xenoforms – Aliens, Demons, and Aberrations “For years, we’ve asked the question: Bigger, badder, and longer than the first, the Second Galactic War devolves into a shifting three-way conflict between the various political alliances. Now you can examine the reports and Grid-blurbs and decide for yourself if these threats are real – or just more disinformation spread by the Concord, the Vergers, or the Old Space news agencies hungry to make headlines in the Stellar Ring.

Choose from different ones, including many old favorites updated for the new edition.


Star Drive (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

The surviving nations are now looking to the abandoned frontiers, sometimes reasserting their dominance, sometimes just trying to reconnect. Views Read Edit View history. Star Drive Campaign Setting.

Dominated by the beautiful water world of Bluefall, Aegis is a place where the great powers of human space marshal their forces against myriad threats. Included in the product is a map of the base itself, and – for the first time – schematics of a klick attack ship!

Strange as it may seem, these items are cloesly related.

This setting book also requires the Player’s Handbook and Gamemaster Guide for the Alternity game system. By combining two pieces of technology, the induction engine and the mass reactorit allows travel at FTL speeds through the extra-dimensional medium of “Drivespace”.

It is divided into chapters covering the history of the setting; a description of the conditions, economy, and technology of the 26th century; descriptions of the various stellar nations within a range of over 1, light years ; a more detailed look at a mysterious distant region known as the Verge, and finally game-specific details covering the player species, careers, employment, skills, equipment, and special game options available for players.

The “stardrive” is a type of hyperdrive that operates on the principles of gravity induction.

Inside this page, full-color book are more than 60 detailed descriptions and illustrations of aliens that live in and around the planets of the Verge.

You can land on hundreds of planets that are nothing more than frozen, airless rocks.

Index of /~akclark/Alternity/

A period of stellar colonization of habitable worlds ensues, led by six wealthy power blocs. System Sta to Aegis expands the information available on this important system, including: A corporation that introduces revolutionary devices into the American home. It was written by David Eckelberry and Richard Baker. Parallel universes are not just science fiction – physics and mathematics predict worlds that resemble and perhaps even duplicate out own.

To save the lives of its people, the Collective used its talent in robotics and automation to create the Warhulks – massic spacegoing vessels bristling sgar destructive capability and guided by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence units ever to be installed in a starship.


Star Drive – Wikipedia

A Klick naturally produces a field of energy that causes non-Klicks to feel weak and tired. The Galactic Concord is made up of citizens zlternity territories donated by the other Stellar Nations.

What they find waiting for them will forever change altdrnity human concept of the universe and humanity’s place in the grand scheme of things.

Archived from the original on Needless to say, the reaction in the drivr worlds is decidedly mixed. But what if we don’t like the answer? Pilot a starship into uncharted territory, make a smuggling run to an occupies star system, contact a new alien species, and bring galactic criminals to justice.

At the edge of space is the Verge, where oppurtunities await those smart enough and ruthless enough to take advantage of them. With the aid of unhuman allies, the player characters must unravel the mystery before they become that latest victims of an ancient horror.

Star Drive

The game world includes a variety of standard fare science fiction features. The dark times are over. Jack into the Grid, download Stad reports, and decide for yourself if the External threat is real or the deluded imaginings of a burned-out gridpilot. Klicks have strange, wedge-shaped bodies covered with smooth, chitinous plates.

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They may also follow one of the future religions described in this book. A new UN-type force emphasis on force called the Galactic Concord works to keep the peace.

Both its stardrive and its AI unit had been damaged – the ship could not return home, and as a result it never discovered that the war had ended. A few weeks ago, a Concord cutter found a gutted ship drifting in space, her crew dead. A second, even nastier war began insparked by a rebellion of mutants. You need to login to do this.