Javier Senosiain Arquitectura Organica. Principal Architect. The idea for the project was first conceived and took its likeness from a peanut. Oasis Remodelación. Imagen. Noticias. Imagen. Contacto. © Arquitectura Orgánica – Javier Senosiain | México, D.F. | [email protected] e-mail. Javier Senosiain never stops surprising us; seeing any of his works impacts and astonishes our souls, javier-senosiain-presenta-arquitectura-organica

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This material, which has its origin in reinforced concrete and was forgotten for a long time, promised to provide a monolithic sculpture. Arquitectyra home is a giant inhabitable seashell for humans Video. Related Content on Treehugger. Mexican architect Javier Senosiain ‘s work in what he calls “bio-architecture” arises from his belief that organic forms connect us back to our roots of living in harmony — rather than in conflict — with nature.

Organic House

Because a garden would be grown in it, the soil would have to be fertile. This accomplished, a little soil was removed from the center of the wrapping to be utilized later to form small slopes. A spatial experience there living generates a route sequence, where neither the walls or floor or ceiling are parallel.

The house was designed with the desire to feel, when one enters, like he is going underground, conscious of how singular the space was, without losing the integration of the inside with the green, natural senosixin outside. I flew from into Vegas and drove hrs straight to the Grand Canyons North Rim This view made it all worth it landscapeflewvegasdrovestraightgrandcanyonsnorthworth. Stop senossiain about your personal carbon footprint.

Many of them are built with ferrocement, which has the “advantage of offering continuity between the ground plane, walls and roof,” — creating a feeling that the building is emerging from the ground itself. Ventilation is facilitated by the aerodynamic form of the dwelling which allows free circulation of air throughout.

The evaporation plus transpiration of the lawn, plants and trees refreshes and oxygenates the interior thereby preventing atmospheric dryness, dust infiltration, and pollutants. Email Address Email is required. Once the construction stage was reached, a cross was drawn in the center of the property, which served as a reference for a system of Cartesian coordinates. When the framework was complete, two sheets of chicken wire, interwoven with each other, were connected to it, thus creating a base upon which the concrete could be sprayed.


The more private spaces like TV room, bedroom and bathroom are located within the center of the spiral, accessible by a spiralling staircase. Proof that California is finally out of the drought Wildflowers landscapeproofcaliforniafinallydroughtwildflowers. Using this as a base, a hose, kept in place with stakes, was employed to outline the walls of the house.

Built for a young couple in Mexico City, the creative brief was to construct a non-conventional home that follows nature’s principles of design, as seen in the forms of plants, animals and in this case, the logarithmic spiral of sea shells. It is a fluid space in three dimensions where you can perceive the continuous dynamic of the fourth dimension, walking on the spiral staircase, with the sensation of floating on vegetation. It was, therefore, decided that the soil used would fluctuate between 20 and 25 centimeters in thickness.

The original concept is embodied in two large spaces: While angular, orthogonal spaces are generally cheaper and easier to build, many people find organic shapes more pleasing to the senses, probably because it imparts a subtle connection to nature. Macro photos of snowflakes show impossibly perfect designs.

The green dune wraps itself around the inside spaces almost completely, rendering it almost invisible so that, from the outside, all one sees are grass, bushes, trees, and flowers. The dollar store is America’s new invasive species. Daily and Weekly newsletters available. The practice of buying more arquitectuda than you can read.

In other words, the green, vegetable epidermis functions like a nose that filters dust and at the same time maintains stable temperatures and a relatively comfortable level of humidity inside; all of these characteristics help keep the inhabitants free of respiratory problems and ailments. A jvier material was required, therefore, which would be much like the modeling clay used to make miniature models.

Nautilus House in Mexico by Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Organica – Photorator

What is the most profound idea of space that we have — the profoundest idea of space that man has, conscious or unconscious? The soil acts like the skin — a moderator that controls variations in temperature by preventing the cooling and warming effects of the weather outside from rapidly or immediately changing temperatures inside.


The windows of the house were placed strategically in places that would look out over the most pleasant parts of the garden, preferably toward the south so that sunlight would still be available in the winter, seeking light the way flowers do.

Images Videos Info Love Comments. You are surrounded by a space that has no sharp corners, and is filled with natural light from above, as well as light that is filtered by a wall of stained glass. Top 10 vegan blogs to follow.

In the video below, he poses the question that underlies all of his work:. Contrary to what one might think, this semi-buried house turned out to be sunnier and more full of light than a conventional house because the windows can be placed anywhere and the domes allow the entrance of light and sun from above.

To take a walk in the garden is to walk over the roof of the house itself without even realizing it. After a brief investigation, there was no doubt about it: Semi-buried houses, just like our body temperature, remain stable in spite of changes in the weather outside. Documentary reveals Vo Trong Nghia, Vietnam’s visionary bamboo arch Several clay models were created, one dedicated to the analysis and design of the shapes, volumes and spaces outside and the other to plan the inside spaces.

Sign up now and have it sent straight arquitecturs your inbox. Temperatures inside and out turn out to be totally opposite from each other. Like the music written by a composer, involuntarily but nevertheless consciously, it finally generated a form that reminds one of the soft material an embryo is wrapped javiier. The idea for this proposal was based on the elemental functions required by man: