P.N Bhagwati, J.— The petitioner is an organisation dedicated to the cause of release of bonded labourers in the country. The system of bonded labour has. Bandhua Mukti Morcha (BMM) or Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) is a non-governmental organisation in India working to end bonded labour. Based in New Delhi, it was founded in by Swami Agnivesh who continues as its chairman. Bonded labour was legally abolished in India in but remains prevalent, in India is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v · t · e. Bandhua Mukti Morcha of India, (3) SCC (Para 4) 2. S.P. Gupta v. Union of India, (2) SCR (Para 3). JUDGEMENT: O R D E R 1.

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Bandhua Mukti Morcha

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Section 3 1 b enacts that the provisions of the Mines Act, The Central Government and Haryana Government will immediately take steps for the purpose of ensuring that the stone crusher owners do not continue to foul the air and they adopt either of the two devicesnamely: S Natchippan and Ms K.

Primary education to the children, in particular, to the child from poor, weaker sections, Dalits and Tribes and minorities is mandatory.

Abdul Khadar, Senior Advocate and A. He noticed absence of sufficient drinking water facility, no provision for schooling of the morchx of the bonded labourers and want of appropriate medical facility.

India, the largest democratic country in the world, has 65 million bonded child labourers, and million adult labourers living a life of bondage and contemporary forms of slavery, according to our estimates.

Whether or not the workmen mentioned in the present case are bonded labourers? Since the judgment could not be delivered, the matter was directed to be posted before a Bench consisting of S. In furtherance thereof, a comprehensive report was submitted on Supreme Court Of India13 Feb Please log in or sign up for a free trial to access this feature.

Immediate ban of child labour would be both unrealistic and counter-productive.

Bandhua Mukti Morcha Vs. Union of India & Ors.

Such powers must be held to be implied under the vast powers conferred on the Supreme Court under Article 32 for the enforcement of fundamental rights. The child of today cannot develop to be a responsible and productive member of tomorrow’s society unless an environment which is conducive to his social and physical health is assured to him.


The workmen are engaged almost on full time basis. The Central Government is directed to convene the meeting indiw two months v.uniob the date of receipt of the order. This is a paid feature. Keeping a drum of water banndhua the stone crusher machine which continuously sprays water upon it. As a welfare State it is now the obligation of the State of Haryana to cater to these requirements of the area. They have, however, no organised base. V Gopalakrishnan And Others… vs.

It should be a proceeding which can appropriately lead to an adjudication of the claim made for the enforcement of a fundamental right. At the same time, 41 per cent of the bonded labourers had left the work site. State parties shall promote and encourage international cooperation in matters relating to education, in particular with a view to contributing to the elimination of ignorance and illiteracy throughout the world and facilitating access to inndia and technical knowledge and modern teaching methods in this regard.

That the said reports, therefore, have no evidentiary value.

The question, therefore, is whether the employment of the children below the age of 14 years is violative of Article 24 and whether the omission indua the part of the State to provide welfare facilities and opportunities deprives them of the constitutional mandates contained in Articles 45, 39 e and f21, 14 etc.? Haryana as we find has made substantial advances compared to many other States of the country and there is some amount ot welcome consciousness in the administration of the State.

The Committee, therefore, has recommended that the principal employer should be made liable for implementation of the directions both of law and the court. Mankind has the best hold of itself. Jain and we reserved judgment on 10th of July, Whether or not the Supreme Court is empowered to appoint any Commission or investigating body under Article 32 of the Constitution?

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! The Commissioner found that even though Mr. State parties shall take legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to ensure the implementation of the present article. Ashoka Kumar Thakur vs. The Founding Fathers of the Constitution, therefore, have emphasised the importance of the role of the child and the need of its best development.


Askok Panda to enquire into the allegations made by the Petitioner.

The State Government cannot be permitted to repudiate its obligation to identify, release and rehabilitate the bonded labourers on the plea that though the concerned labourers may be providing forced labour, the State Government does not owe any obligation to them, unless and until they show in an appropriate legal proceeding concluded according to the rules of adversary system of justice, that they are bonded labourers.

For a loan taken at an exorbitant rate of interest the debtor virtually sells himself to the creditor and gets bonded usually for a period of life and renders service for the purpose of satisfying the debt. Childhood holds the potential and also sets the limit to the future development of the society. These directions are given below: Article 28 provides thus:. Please subscribe to download the judgment.

We have not been able to see any reason for the difference. V.unio concurred with it by a separate judgment and Pathak, J. Punjab Minor Mineral Concession Rules, As report indicates bulk of the workmen are not prepared to return to their States.

Bandhua Mukti Morcha – Wikipedia

Clause e of sub-section nidia of Section 2. The Petitioner, Bandhua Mukti Morcha, is an organization dedicated to the cause of release of bonded labourers. They are forced to work all day. On account of necessity mogcha workmen in the area people from different parts of the country are made to live therein along with their families under very insanitary and inconvenient conditions.

The operation of stone quarries is more or less concentrated in particular areas. When we were proceeding to dispose of the matter a communication was received by the Court dated