I should preface this post by saying that I don’t intend this as a review of ” Battlegroup Overlord” and the rules. That is because, having only. Rating: Battlegroup Overlord (BO) is the much anticipated second campaign volume to the Battlegroup Kursk WWII rules that were released last. Free forum: Forum for the discussion of Battlegroup Wargame Rules plus battle reports and pictures of your armies. Battlegroup Overlord Questions.

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The second concerns the hobby section, or lack of it. The brave Para mange to whittle down some of the infantry in the attack, but are ultimately overcome with superior fire power. Second blood to the Sherman.

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In another stroke of incredible bad luck, the timed barrage does practically battleggroup to the Germans, as well as pushing the Panzer IV tank commander beyond the call of duty, giving him the chance to open fire on the last Sherman.

A points system is a tool to create balance. Although never having tried these rules, your ‘first impressions’ provide a useful analysis for the interested WWII gamer.

You may want to try my beta campaign system on The Batglegroup I found the hobby section in Battlegroup Kursk to be very helpful, so I was disappointed that it was missing from this volume.

The Panzer IV moves up to the hedgerow to engage the Shermans advancing on him while the rest of overord infantry advance to link up with the recon units. As the Americans begin to advance toward the eastern farm and the hedgerow in the center, a timed barrage of 4 75mm pack howitzers lets loose on the main German line.

Please visit my Blog http: With regards smoke, this is abstracted into the requirement to spot before every aimed fire order. Game 1 of 5 Games. Also if you are used to playing 28mm and a particular 28mm sci if game at that your overlrd is actually going to love me!


The following thread will detail a small “persistency” campaign using supplemental rules to Battlegroup Overlord that are overlors provided to us by one of the game’s developers Big P. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Mine just never live up to reputation………. The last several games produced disappointing results and a general malaise set in over the group with respect to the rules.

All the weaponry stats are printed several pages away. So why have I rated this game the way I have. Times and dates in your local timezone. Major Von Strom knows the fatherland demands bold action and brings Gretal south east along the tree line and begins banging out 88 shells from the field near the center objective.

Review: Battlegroup Overlord – Meeples & Miniatures

Ooverlord are commenting using your Twitter account. Being Recce Screen, I’ve decided to go with some decent Aufklarungs units, hoping to nab objectives early and out scout the Amis. Jonathan Freitag 12 May at I was intimiadated at first but now i find it easier and faster to paint. Hope that might be useful.

It is time yet again to upgrade your gaming experience.

With the exception of a foot patrol or maybe a sniper, I doubt that the paratroopers will have much in the way of forward operating units and will certainly not be able to deal with any armor.

If you want an inexpensive hobby, try 15 or 20mm. Players have contributed their own ideas about things like grazing fire with machine guns, and the ways to simulate the differing artillery tactics of the combatants and the provision of numerous detailed TOE’s and historical orbats make scenario creation easy.

Battlegroup Overlord: Beyond the Beaches

Posted by carojon at That cigar box mat is very tempting. Still rusty from the salty climate. Terrified the M4 platoon scatter to the nine winds and seek cover from almost battlefroup death. Top reason why Battlegroup plays slower than Piers and Warwick intend it to.


Come on, you sons of bitches!

In a chair, staring at a screen. This War without an Enemy Recollections of my mostly solo tabletop wargames. I love the level of detail intermingled with what appers to be a very playable game system. I look on with keen interest at the new Chain of Command game currently being tested by my fellow club members Jason, Nathan and Gus, which has been reported on at Jason’s Blogwhich uses dice instead of cards to capture this friction element.

There are also some ideas and rules for gaming in the Normandy countryside, dealing with not only the bocage but also some idea of the relative strengths of the standard infantry weapons used. It does strike me as a quicker system. Well the simple answer to that question is that I was looking for a set of rules that I could play WWII Company level games, in a fast moving set up that was more simulation than game, and that was fun to play.

Haha nice one big p I love playing battlegroup in 15mm scale it plays really well. One of my Marders lurking in the hedgerows around Breville.

Battlegroup Overlord (05/04/ – Tom) | This War without an Enemy

Comments pcjohnstone on Battlegroup: You are commenting using your Twitter account. The center of the board. A grenadier squad moves through the woods onto the battlegeoup track in an attempt to secure the majors exposed right and keep US infantry penned in on the hill. Battle pics look good. I have a copy of the rules, but prefering to play at a lower level have never played them.