Uranometria, Augsburg, Germany, Johann Bayer. Rain, Germany Augsburg, Germany x x cm. Bound in contemporary vellum. 3. Okt. Der Himmelsatlas des deutschen Astronomen und Juristen Johann Bayer ( ) setzte neue Massstäbe in der Geschichte der. Johann Bayer () Uranometria, Augsburg, Florence, Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale, Magl. 5._, pl. X. The first modern atlas, the Uranometria.

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Johann Bayer — was a German lawyer and uranographer celestial cartographer. Bayer is most famous for his star atlas Uranometria Omnium Asterismorum “Uraniometry of all the asterisms”which was first published in in Augsburg and dedicated to two prominent local citizens.

Johann Bayer: Uranometria

This was the first atlas to cover the entire uranomdtria sphere. It was based upon the work of Tycho Brahe and may have borrowed from Alessandro Piccolomini’s star atlas, De le stelle fisse “Of the fixed stars”although Bayer included an additional 1, stars.

The Uranometria introduced a new system of star designation which has become known as the Bayer designation. Bayer’s atlas added twelve new constellations to fill in the far south of the night sky, which was unknown to ancient Greece and Rome. Ursa Minor, Johann Bayer, Bayr Uranometria is the short title of a star atlas produced by Johann Bayer.

This translates to “Uranometria, containing charts of all the constellations, drawn by a new method and engraved on copper plates”. A literal translation uranomeetria “Uranometria” is “Measuring the Sky”. Uranometria contained 51 star charts, engraved on copper plates by Alexander Mair. The first 48 charts illustrate each of the 48 Ptolemaic constellations.

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The 49th chart introduces 12 new constellations in the deep southern sky which were unknown to Ptolemy.

The final two charts are planispheres labeled “Synopsis coeli superioris borea” and “Synopsis coeli inferioris austrina,” or roughly”Overview of the northern hemisphere” and “Overview of the southern hemisphere. Each plate includes a grid for accurately determining the position of each star to fractions of a degree.

The positions used by Bayer to create the Uranometria were taken from the expanded 1, star catalog of Tycho Brahe.

Brahe’s uranometroa list had circulated in manuscript since and was available in graphic form on the celestial globes of Petrus Plancius, Hondius, and Willem Blaeu. It was first published in tabular form in Johannes Kepler’s Tabulae Rudolphinae of The use of Brahe’s catalog allowed for considerably better accuracy than Ptolemy’s somewhat limited star listing. The stars listed in Uranometria total over 1, indicating that Brahe’s catalog was not the only source of information used.

Bayer took the southern star positions and constellation names for uranojetria 49th plate from the catalog of Dutch navigator Pieter Dirkszoon Keyser, who corrected the older observations of Amerigo Uranimetria and Andrea Corsali, as well as the report of Pedro de Medina. Uranometria contains many more stars than did any previous star atlas, though the exact number is disputed as not all stars on the charts are labeled.

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Each of the constellations’ stars are overlain on an engraved image of the subject of the constellation.

Uranometria | work by Bayer |

For reasons unknown, many of the human constellations are engraved as figures seen from behind whereas they had traditionally been rendered as facing the Earth. This oddity led to some confusion in the literal meanings of certain star names. Uranometria introduced the convention uranometriia labelling stars by Greek letters, known as Bayer star designations, a system which is still baher today.

Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius Solar System ScopeStars. Johann Bayer Johann Bayer — was a German lawyer udanometria uranographer celestial cartographer. Lyra, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Perseus, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Ophiuchus, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Sagitta, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Delphinus, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Andromeda, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Cancer, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Capricornus, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Pisces, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Canis Minor, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Crater, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Hydra, Johann Bayer, Uranometria: Piscis Austrinus, Bayer, Uranometria: