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Besaid Island Piano Arrangement.

Main Gallery submissions. Drakue User Page Gallery Journals. X3 I especially love the ending. Ceris User Page Gallery Journals. Reminds me of dungeon music from dark cloud.

Ihsman07 User Page Gallery Journals. To be honest, I made this from looking a sheet music, so don’t criticize me for this song. Criticize whoever made the piano arrangement XD which I don’t even know who that is. A name wasn’t attached to it.

Final Fantasy X – Besaid (Piano) sheet music for Piano download free in PDF or MIDI

The island where you end up after the massive time travel? You show up saying you played at a stadium that they say was destroyed a century or so ago. Bulletrose User Page Gallery Journals. To be honest, someone sent it to me and I don’t remember who.

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Could you somehow get me the sheet music for this? It’s a good arrangement, where’d you get the music? As I said, a friend of mine sent it to me a long time ago. I can’t remember who or when. If you woulda said it was like Rezmatez User Page Gallery Journals.


Oh wow, this is nice. I am quite a fan of OCRemix stuff if you happen to be familiarso this is right up that alley. Thanks for sharing it. And yes, I am familiar with OCRemix.

They’re very picky with their music. Bessaid User Page Gallery Journals. This sounds absolutely nothing like the besaid theme It sounds like a different theme particularly around 1: I am pretty sure this is someone elses sheet music of a self-remixed version of a different theme. So basically it’s a mess of confusion: This song is a piano arrangement of Besaid Island.

I wouldn’t have said it was if it wasn’t. I know my music, and this has small pieces of Besaid Island in it.

Besaid Island

It’s not all completely Besaid Island. The rest was what the original arranger threw in there to make it an arrangement, hence why it is an arrangement. Well, see, the thing is, it sounds absolutely nothing like the Besaid Island theme, and that’s not what an arrangement is. I took the time to try and find out what songs it may be made of so you could name it properly and know what it ACTUALLY is, but if you’re going to take offense to the idea that it is not what you claim and get all defensive when someone corrects you, then I’m not going to bother to care, and I will simply tell you that you have no idea what you’re talking about, and ultimately, this is not besaid island in any way, shape, or form.


Well, I am sorry to say that at the 52 second mark, you’ll hear the main theme of Idland Island played in a different style and tempo than the original song. And I’ve showed this song to a lot of people who told me they heard Besdai Island in this song.

Most of the stuff that doesn’t sound like the song is really all of the background stuff of the song arranged differently. There is no way in heck this is Thunder Plains.

I know what Thunder Plains sounds like and I don’t hear that at all in this song.

Steam Community :: Video :: Final Fantasy X – Besaid Island (Piano Cover)

Nor is it Besqid the Darkness. Those two songs don’t even follow the chords used in this song. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. If you don’t recognize any of it, then you should probably go back and play the game again. But, this is played in a much different style and tempo.

Such a peaceful isand Where you meet Wakka, Lulu, Yuna, and Khimari. Well, I do have the file, yes. So, can you send it to me? Hope you liked my song.