The Drake Chronicles is a series that just keeps getting better and better Alyxandra Harvey has created a fun, fast paced and seriously sassy vampire series. As the numerous vampire tribes gather for the Blood Moon, an important vampire ceremony, Lucy and the Drake brothers could not help but. Book V: Blood Moon. NEWS! Publication date has moved up to June ! All because you guys wanted it and kept asking for it~ Thank you! The POVs are.

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I miss the old covers. My only issue is that as a short story it seemed rushed and seemed to skip over all the best parts I was looking forward to witnessing the most—their initial meeting, dating etc—and I think it would have been tones better if their tale had been a full length story in the Drake Chronicles.

I love Lucy’s snark and how she handles all those snobby kids mion the Helios-Ra Academy. I need to be inside these three heads.

The Drake Chronicles

I would have preferred a more straightforward grab for the crown plot instead of this confused attempt at a storyline which was neither entertaining or exciting. Mar 27, Amber at Fall Into Books rated it it was ok. Anyone who read Bleeding Hearts was probably as shocked by Solange’s behaviour as I was, This is the 5th book in the Drake Chronicles so please be aware that this review will contain spoilers for previous books.

It’s hard to talk about this book and not giveaway something. Dec 12, Stormi BMReviewsohmy rated it liked it. I simultaneously sympathize with and hate her. I thought of her as immature and irritating as a character in the first book, My Love Lies Bleeding or Hearts at Stake if you aren’t British like-a me and pretty much the same in Blood Moon.

This book is told I first want to say that if you haven’t read the other books in this series and you want to then you might not want to read this review. I loved seeing his family and Lucy through his eyes again. Every time I get a new Drake book, it sates my hunger for a day before I need the next one even more desperately.


I haven’t said that yet, have I? They all have this chemistry with one another, like they’re a real family. He de confesar que convence el libro hace un monton de tiempo, pero entre una cosa y la otra lo deje un buen tiempo hasta que lo retome y lo finalice.

It didn’t bother me much that Christabel and Isabeau or any of the other characters from previous books didn’t get much storytelling time. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

I mean, yes, Lucy and Nicholas still think about each other constantly, but the constant near-death experiences kind of take precedence.

Book V: Blood Moon – Alyxandra Harvey

Of course, it does leave me hysterically begging for the next book nownownow. I liked seeing how Lucy fitted in at Helios-Ra, watching her trying to learn to protect herself while having a vampire boyfriend and trying to work out what to do about Solange.

Do we get to know more about this Bryn girl? I loved this series. Welcome back to our weekly hopefully discussion post! And thats fine, but I still miss the cutness of it!

Blood Moon

The error also took me out of the story. It was so good to see Solange, Lucy and Nick’s point of view in this one since we haven’t seen it since the first.

I think Nicholas is okay because of something the author hasn’t let us under I have one question: I also love alyyxandra and everything Nick and Lucy and even though they only had two scenes together and I missed them so so much I still thought it was great to see what was going on around their perspective. It’s like she went through the blood-change and then went darker and darker with ever book and I couldn’t understand why.

Havey probably won’t be right away, though. I’m going to be holding my breath until the next book comes out. And how am I going to keep from dying while I wait? His devotion and the love he has for Lucy is simply beautiful and I just adore these two mion. I still like the books and am interested enough in what alyxanndra next, that I will be picking up the next book. Lucy was always one of my favorite characters next to Nicholas, and I love that those two characters are together.


Solange, Lucy and Nicholas. Books by Alyxandra Harvey.

Not to say that I didn’t love this one, it just felt From the very first page I was literally a bundle of nerves because I could not believe the shocking and fantastic way that Alyxandra Harvey has taken this series.

Aaaah I am in Putting into words how amazing this book was Reminds me of Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy. The rest can go to hell. Well, not the book so much as Solange. Kissed Off by Tellulah Darling. Anyone tired of Solange yet?

Trivia About Blood Moon Drake You’ll also be left with questions though and this cliffhanger ending was just as bad as the last one!

I didn’t enjoy the whole Viola storyline either.

Booklover’s Haven: Blood Moon: Drake Chronicles #5 – Alyxandra Harvey

The pacing was slow, t I have been waiting for this novel since I finished Bleeding Hearts. I simultaneously sympathize with and hate her. Maybe moln be as good as the previous four were.

Lucy never fails to make me laugh out loud and I just love any scene that contains both her and Nicholas in it.

My heart went out to Nicholas, who would have never hurt Lucy no matter what and had to do what she did to her. Any other character at this point would feel annoying and frustrating. Lucy is still my favorite character out of all the characters in the series, she is just tough and sassy and I love it.