Sinclair Intl has the largest selection of reloading equipment, tools, and supplies for rifles, handguns, and shotguns. Every component is in stock and ready to be. All hunger games pictures Download catalogo rcbs italiano Lg 42px4d., official site of Ceramiche Euro Flyzone, Italian ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware for . catalogue items! For you, the wealth .. OtHErS. 1 Brazilian. 2 danish. 3 European plug. 4 israeli. 5 italian. 6 Euro-US. 7 Chinese . of configurations from full Lexic RCBO protection to mixes of Lexic RCBs, MCBs and RCBOs. Ekinoxe.

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RCBS no longer manufactures bullet-swaging dies, but it still remains close to its roots. We are the leading manufacturer of reloading equipment for rifles and pistols. Huntington made his first bullet. Looking for information about reloading? Need a replacement part? We are dedicated to giving our customers the best service in the industry.

When requesting replacement parts, fcbs provide the name of the product the part is for, the part number if known and name of the replacement part. Parts are shipped within three to five business days, depending on product availability, via first-class mail large items by UPS Ground Service. Please be sure to provide your name, address and phone number. This the case does not move, the reloading die comes down to the case.

The latest catalog of our reloading products – RCBS

The Rock Chucker Supreme is ideal for the beginner ruggedness all reloaders need. The ambidextrous design allows and pro alike. Featuring a more comfortable ball handle and a primer arm that lets you prime cases at the same time you resize. Cast Aluminum frame and toggle block, steel links, 4. Our least expensive press offers big performance in a compact package.

For original AmmoMaster owners wishing to load. It features five-station automatic indexing for maximum production, with a load rate of approximately rounds per hour. The quick-change die plate allows B fast caliber change over for even greater efficiency. Standard primer pick up tubes are used with the safety shielded priming system. Spent primers are efficiently dropped from the bottom of the press to be captured in a trash receptacle. The powder measure is fitted out with Quick Change metering components that allow you to drain powder without removing the measure from the press.

You can also quickly swap out preset italain screws for dispensing the new powder. Accessory Base Plate not included. Leave the reloading dies Plate Part Size Number set up. Eliminates the need to install and adjust dies for each Number 2 reloading session.

It includes a seven-station die plate, shell plate holder assembly, Number 27 large and small priming system, Quick Change powder measure and case activated linkage kit.


The first seven-station auto-indexing press on the rcs, The Pro Chucker 7 features automatic indexing for maximum production, with a load rate of approximately rounds per hour. E The quick-change die plate allows fast caliber change over for even greater efficiency. The larger powder capacity Quick Change powder measure reduces the number of times you have to fill the powder hopper.

The Quick Change drain tube allows you to drain itapian powder measure without removing it from the press and the QC metering assemblies allow shortened set up times when switching powders. Seven stations allows you to progressive load any way you want.

You can seat bullets and crimp separately. Use a pistol bullet feeder but also use a Lock-Out or Powder Checker die. With seven stations, you can install them all. Includes QC Powder Measure. You have for turret head removal and installation and Ball Handle Assembly may complete catalogoo over every reloading step.

May be operated in be positioned for right or left-hand use. Standard Shell Holders slip into progressive or single-stage mode. In the progressive mode, output can be increased from 50 to Primer Plugs and Sleeves are supplied for seating large and small rounds per hour. Or, if preferred, the press can be used as a single- primers. Primers are seated away from stacked primers.

Safety stage press and load cases in the batch mode. Rugged, cast iron frame, toggle block and turret head. Heavy-duty The Primer Catcher eliminates spent primers on floor—snaps off for construction to minimize deflection. Detent on Turret Head for positive easy emptying. Baked powder coat finish for quick, easy cleaning, alignment. Leave the dies set up in the Turret Head and change the Head—one bolt does the trick!

Not for use with lead bullets. Use jacketed or FMJ bullets only. This handy rack can be mounted horizontally on your bench or vertically on the wall. The stamped steel rack securely holds your preset die plate and a side slot keeps the five station shell plate in place.

An identification label is also included. Eliminates the need to install and adjust dies for each Bullet Feeders on Dillon RL and XL progressive presses using reloading session. The decap rod No more bashed knuckles or fumbling with adjustable wrenches.

Eliminates indexing quick and easy adjustment. A pivoting handle allows leverage from any problems with progressive presses caused by the spent primer angle and the heat-treated steel stands up to all the brute force you jamming the shell plate. Each clear tube powder charging and bullet seating stations. Using a probe rod, it lets holds bullets, depending on weight and profile.

The Tube PBF you visually confirm that the case is properly charged with powder places the bullet into the case mouth, for proper alignment, to be before bullet seating.


Another added benefit is that it can be the Powder Checker shows low and high charges too. Black oxide used with jacketed, plated, cast or swaged lead bullets. Increase load finish provides contrast for better visibility. Two bullet tubes are included or bottleneck rifle italixn pistol cases.

For use with straight-wall pistol calibers, 9mm and larger, and only on progressive reloading presses.

Calaméo – Catalogue RCBS

The model Tube Case Feeder the feed mechanism. The hopper holds approximately bullets. Use jacketed Plate fits — but the user must have the to use the Other or FMJ bullets only. Makes the most of limited bench space.

Outfitted with the necessary chemicals and brushes Simply attach the Accessory Base Plate—3 to any work surface, then to clean reloading presses, this kit is perfect for removing dirt, oil and use the pre-tapped, letter-coded holes to quickly mount or dismount other debris from every nook and cranny. A simple solution for the beginner and pro alike.

Information on each individual kit component is described elsewhere in this catalog—see the index. The only extras required are cartridge components and the rifle to fire them! Both the Explorer and Explorer reloaders needed in two superb new kits. A portion of the proceeds go to support youth hunting Accessory Base Plate not included. Big on everything you need to get started reloading rifle and pistol cartridges performance, small on price, the Partner is the ideal entry-level press.

All RCBS reloading kits have been find anywhere. Tool and the Accessory Handle—2. All metal body and thimble with matte finish. An indispensable tool uniform application of pressure. Thimble lock keeps thimble from for safe, accurate loads that extend the life of your rifle brass. Fitted plastic storage case.

Bullet Molds

Metal body with satin chrome thimble. Ratchet stop on thimble applies even pressure for Thimble lock stops thimble from turning when measuring Fitted wooden storage case.

Top of the line. Enameled metal body with matte Economical version without the bells and whistles. All metal body and finished, non-glare thimble.

Crisp black numbers and markings range. Large, easy to read numbers for error within. Zero adjust at any pressure when measuring. Thimble lock keeps thimble from turning position.

Thimble lock for measuring like objects. Fitted Auto off after five minutes for longer battery life. Dial neck thickness adjustable to zero. Comfortable friction thumb roller opens and closes caliper. Large, easy to read black numbers and markings on white background. Fitted clear plastic storage case.