2 upon Substantial Performance of the Work, pay to the Contractor the major lien fund together with such Value Added Taxes as may be applicable to such. CCDC 3 – Cost Plus Contract. $ – $ Cost Plus Contract. Standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the. CCDC 43 – A Guide to the Use of CCDC 3 – Cost Plus Contract CCDC 44 – A Guide for the Use of CCDC 14 and CCDC CCDC 45 – A.

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A brief description of available CCDC Documents can be found below, click here for an updated descriptionor click here for the CCDC website with more detailed information. CCDC 3 – Cost Plus Contract Standard cotnract contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the required work on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs.

CCDC 3 – 2016 Cost Plus Contract

Standard prime contract between Owner and Design-Builder where the Design-Builder performs Design Services and Construction under one agreement, for a single, pre-determined stipulated or fixed price.

You do not need to purchase a complete set. Standard surety bid bond form guaranteeing the bidder’s intention to enter into cotnract formal contract and to provide the specified contract security if the bid is accepted.

conttact The 19998 may agree to exercise the following options: CCDC 22 describes the suretyship process and clears up some commonly held misconceptions.

CCDC 23 – A Guide to Calling Bids and Awarding Construction Contracts Table of Contents Preview CCDC 23 provides recommended best practices for procuring construction services by means of a competitive bidding process for any public or private sector project, large or small, where the lowest pluz selection method is used.


Each project will be ordered by means of Work Authorizations, that define the project specific requirements like scope, price, time. Standard prime contract between Owner and prime Contractor to perform the required work on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs. A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 17 – Documents CCDC 3 – ccdc 3 Please make sure you have at least version 4.

Standard prime contract between Owner and Contractor for civil works construction, e. Hardcopy documents, electronic documents and copyright seals can only be purchased from an authorized document outlet. A guide document designed to assist users of CCDC 3 – The Master Agreement is a contract form between Owner and Contractor that is applicable for a defined period of time and is intended to establish contractual terms and conditions excluding scope, time and cost for multiple projects during that time period.

The CCDC contract forms set out very speci. The costs associated with resolving disagreements can be burdensome even for the largest organizations.

A number should be displayed at the top left corner of the information window. Documents CCDC Documents are relied on as familiar industry standards for their fairness and balance for all parties involved in a construction project.

CCDC 12 – Project Financial Information A model form to assist the Owner in showing that financial arrangements have been made to fulfill the Owner’s obligations under the contract e. Proceed to download your document by selecting the blue button above 3.


All CCDC documents can be purchased individually. The guide is divided into three parts. My registration number does not work. Contract Award Bid cosf and evaluation for compliance, bid irrevocability period, letter of intent vs. CCDC 23 pllus all aspects of the bid calling and contract award process: Part 3 examines the various forms of bonds with a view to understanding the purpose of each bond and the claims process.

Standard surety labour and material payment bond form guaranteeing that the Contractor will satisfy all labour and material payment obligations incurred in performing the contract.

CCDC 3 – Cost Plus Contract – Canadian Construction Documents Committee

The Attorney General can also appoint Commissioners pursuant to this Act, which is typically the Commissioners of Oaths present in construction associations. This includes provincial judges and Members of the Legislative Assembly, lawyers entitled to practise in the Province, and municipal councillors to name contravt few. However if you want all of the CCDC documents it is more economical to purchase a complete set rather than purchase each document individually.

Principles of the Law of Competitive Bidding A summary of fundamental principles under the law of competitive bidding, e. T he Canadian Construction Documents Committee CCDC is a national joint committee responsible for the development, production and review of standard Canadian construction contracts, forms and guides.