RANK AND CATEGORY SPECIFIC BULLETS Officer FITREP Examples · Enlisted Eval Examples Examples for Progressing Members British Navy FITREP . Eval Bullets (Actual) ***RECOMMENDED FOR ADVANCEMENT TO CHIEF PETTY OFFICER*** **ALREADY PERFORMING AS A CHIEF, SELECT NOW!. Cpo fitrep observations. 1. CPO Fitrep Observations CDR Kevin Robinson; 2. Purpose/Method Slides that follow are a combination of a.

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Captured, halted and reversed declining readiness and productivity trends.

Continues to revitalize programs to increase material and operational readiness, enhancing warfighting prowess. As assistant EAWS coordinator, he conducted hands-on training and fitrepp the progress of all junior Sailors within the Maintenance Department resulting in the qualification of ten Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialists. You have a grading system, which over time has become less useful than it was intended because now the grades are inflated and individual grades are less than a reflection of individual traits than they are a component of the overall number.

Member possesses the potential to be a successful First Class Petty Officer with continued focus on communication and leadership skills. Impeccable work ethic- He is extremely confident, highly ambitious, and an inspiring motivator. A list of accomplishments provide a factual window onto a person’s abilities, skills, and productivity.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

Consistently displays outstanding loyalty, fairness, and determination. Led 10 CPOs and 55 personnel in the daily operation of a high tempo department, providing absolute best customer service to the crew of over 1, personnel in areas of career counseling, pay, legal advice, and MWR resulting in two CPOs, two SOQs, and one JSOQ selection during reporting period.

And it will likely be analyzed and used in new ways. He motivates, inspires, and develops every subordinate he meets.

And the new system will use new information technology to track far more granular details on sailor performance and professional development, data that will help inform Big Navy’s future decisions about promotions, retention, assignments and even compensation. Serving as a role model, his excellent personal example cultivated a command climate where shipboard personnel consistently display a high degree of military smartness. Although Senior Chief Britton has been onboard just over 2 months, he has made an immediate impact with superb leadership, knowledge and organizational skills.


Advisor, Exec assistant, protocol! Firtep Assistant Command Urinalysis Coordinator he assisted with 47 urinalysis and the flawless collection and submission of samples. Submitted upon member’s transfer to HSC Known as ship’s historian for outstanding written and spoken pieces on such topics as Naval Birthday and Bicentennial Firrep of the War of Involved in every aspect of developing Sailors and Officers.

It is evident based on the results of the certification and readiness of the ship that he will have a successful tour onboard WASP and will be one of the top performers and leaders on WASP. He has my strongest recommendation for promotion to CWO5!

Navy Writer

When you realize that the success of the Navy mission depends on putting the right people in the right job, you can grasp the importance of the annual evaluation. Senior Chief Smith’s integrity, loyalty, and unwavering professionalism uniquely qualify him to be a Master Chief in today’s Navy. Absolute must select to CPO! Supervised 27 personnel maintaining 39 MHR helicopters which resulted in the expeditious completion of 3, unscheduled maintenance actions and 2, scheduled inspections contributing to the squadron executing 8, flight hours.

His efforts resulted in the on time fitgep of 12 Fleet Replacement Aircrew and the qualification of 17 MH—60R instructors. Dedicates time teaching and resetting the expected standard particularly for Chiefs and First Class Petty Officers. He molded two dissimilar ratings together to safely navigate over 20, miles during the JTF Lebanon Surge deployment.

Navy ChiefEval and FITREP Examples

Although not within standards, he quickly set personal goals and made significant changes in his culture of fitness. There is not enough room on this evaluation to describe CMC Jones’ impact to this ship. He continually empowers his subordinates to succeed, regardless of circumstances.


My 1 P and MP by all other accounts, only the restrictions of the reporting system prevent me from making him an MP. Flawlessly managed 18 workcenters through arduous Assessment Training Cycle with consistent high results.

Defense News Weekly Year in Review On this special edition, we look at some of our biggest interviews–and up close looks we got in His positive mentorship vastly enhanced the workcenter’s productivity and efficiency.

WASP making mission on a no-prep surge deployment. He is a firm enforcement of military firep and equitable treatment of subordinates and has optimized morale and promoted teamwork and mission accomplishment.

Then when you have all the information on paper, you can start sorting and prioritizing the information. As the Command Cheif Specialist he trained and advised 16 Sailors and Marines in good financial decision making techniques and proper budgeting resulting in 7 security clearance approvals and zero revocations.

All new evals and fitreps coming soon

Master Chief Valente has set unbelievable standards across the Norfolk Waterfront! Although not within standards, this Master Chief quickly set personal goals, made significant changes in his culture of fitness.

As you advance in rank, the importance of your annual evaluation only increases and cgief vitally important that it be completed accurately.

Second PFA failure in a four year period.

Tracked Instructor Availability, Event Planning and Completion, as well as coordinating with the Maintenance Department resulting in the on time graduation of FRS pilots and aircrewmen.