Clariflocculator design with 2 / 4 Flocculation paddles. Rake arms suspended from the bridge. Peripheral drive designs with Rubber / PU tyred wheels running . Clariflocculator; Design Considerations Rapid Mixing (Flash Mixer) • Detention Time Plain Sedimentation: – hrs For Coagulated. An interesting question, I think that there are no ideal dimensions as it depends on the capacity(flow rate), but the ideal shapes are rectangular(for high capacity) .

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Clariflocculator, Description (Turbine Type) – Paramount Limited

Detailed investigation of treatment units and facilities was carried out to verify process, hydraulic and structural parameters of the existing plant. The diameter of flocculation zone was To enhance the surface area of clarification, modules manufactured out of 50mm x mm Rigid PVC chevron tubes length of each tube mm, angle of inclination 60 degrees were introduced in the clarification zone.

It is said that replica bags was born in Saumur,France;another saying was born in Auvergne,in the mountains of southern France. The settled solids are removed from the centre of the tank.

clarifloccuulator Since then,she has been raised by replica bags and entered the Convent School as a child,where she learned a needlework technique. Option of manual override was provided for each valve by means of an extended rod and hand operating wheel. Additional G was supplemented by providing additional paddle area to the agitator.


Clariflocculator, Description (Centrally Driven) – Paramount Limited

The existing Clariflocculator had a rotating scrapper bridge driven by the end carriage drive. The existing Inlet Works would be discarded eventually.

New chlorinators were provided for additional flow of MLD.

Single or multimedia gravity filter beds. The total available headloss in the filter beds was 2. For uniform collection of the clarified water ninety six numbers of radial troughs were provided. No major modifications were suggested in the Chemical house. There was severe space constraint at site. The design parameters of various units of existing plant are affected by enhancing the flow, in this case by doubling the flow.

Both these aspects are required to be complimented within the practical limitations of the hydraulics. When her mother died at the age of twelve,her father left her and four brothers and sisters.

The bottom of the structural steel cage rests on guide bearing fixed to the tank cone. Clarifier mechanism is used continuously to remove the settled sludge from the centre of the tank. The modules were supported on forty eight numbers of radial trusses. The bridge is provided with chequered plate, MS hand railing so that it can be used as walkway to have access to the drive unit at the centre.



The MS partition wall too was supported from end of the trusses. A pipeline of diam mm was laid from new filter house to existing back wash tank for the purpose. Each section of filter bed is back washed separately.


At double the flow rate, the Detention Time DT of flocculation zone was reduced to 15 minutes. The turbidity peak reaches clarifloccuator to 50 NTU during the monsoon.

Modifications to collection launder of clariflocculator: The following models are available. The space was available by the side of existing Receiving Chamber. Salient features of Peripheral driven clariflocculator mechanism: Flocculator will rotate from the centre while clarifier will rotate from end. Clarifloccculator bed will had claritlocculator sections, separated by a central gutter gullet.

The design of existing plant was found to be compatible for augmentation with minimum structural modifications. The bottom of the shaft rests on guide bearing fixed to the tank cone. The existing dosing tanks were capable of doubling the dosing rate. The sludge is scrapped from the bottom of the tank by rotating scrapper arm.