Grey Knights 5th Edition Codex – Warhammer 40k | Toys & Hobbies, Games, Miniatures, War Games | eBay!. Review: Codex Daemonhunters download pdf. 30 June | 5th Edition. Daemonhunters Codex cover. Well the intention was well meant at the time — but. For ten thousand years the Grey Knights have stood between the Imperium and the Daemons of While Codex: Grey Knights contains everything you need to.

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This is an old Edition’s tactics. It’s a Codex by the Mattard meaning that it includes units stolen from other codices and turned up to eleven. If you enjoy Power-Armored Creed and gigantic baby carriers this is the army for you. Have you wanted to field an army with units so expensive that even Space Marines will outnumber you? Do you like to buttfuck daemons and hunt Chaos all day? Do you like to hop on the bandwagons of the newest codex so other players don’t know how to properly counter your army yet?

If you said “yes” to the first three questions, Grey Knights are for you. If you said “yes” to the fourth question, go soak your head in a bucket of ice water and rethink your life. Alternatively, you’re a vet, or you remember the days before this horrid codex. You’ll find the Grey Knights to be easily one of the most expensive armies per-model, and sometimes grueling to play in a way that doesn’t turn any gaming circle against you, but there’s an army worth playing in there.

All you need 5tn a copy of the 3rd edition codex, the skills to splice fluff from the 3rd ed into the latest codex, and a sharpie to blank what remains and offends the senses, but can’t be pulled out and replaced. As far daemohunters apocalypse goes, you’re pretty much boned there unless you take silly amounts of Jokaero, whose lascannons are pretty much your only bet against the Superheavy vehicles that will be stomping around the gameboard or daemonhammers with hammerhand, discussed later.

As for fliers, your only chance is to throw up as many high rate of fire weapons into the air as possible and hope something hits. Note, nearly all Grey Knight units have Nemesis Force Weapons, they are considered power weapons and edjtion the number of wounds are determined they take a psychic test.

Warhammer 40,000/5th Edition Tactics/Grey Knights

If passed any models suffering from any un-saved wounds from Nemesis Force Weapons are killed instantly. Against multi-wound daemon, all unsaved wound result in them having to take a leadership test and are removed as causalities if 5h fail, though they’re daemonhunter likely to go down normally than for this to happen. Grey Knights don’t have access to most the standard wargear of other marine armies.


Their upgrades for their infantry are mostly limited to their exclusive wargear. These are their close combat weapons, all of which follow the above rules for Nemesis Force Weapons in addition to whatever else they do. This can be replaced with the following:. Standard thunder hammer plus Nemesis Force rules. It’s cheap to add t5h a squad, so it doesn’t hurt to take one.

Purifiers have these flying out of their asses. The only time you probably won’t want them is against Orks, Imperial Guard, or Necrons, since your base initiative is generally higher than there’s. Nemesis Force Warding Staff: Your enemy is usually going to avoid fighting you in CC so this isn’t worth taking. The Grey Ediiton all start with storm bolters, which squads and characters can spend points to buy psybolt ammo to give it an extra point of strength this also applies to vehicles.

They can be replaced with the following:. Nice silencer pun, asshole. Let me tell you why you will never take one: First saemonhunters all, it is meant to help you wound high toughness Greater Daemons, all of whom have toughness 6. Strength 6 AP 4 flamer. Not a bad choice, but generally overshadowed by the psycannon.

Hilariously destructive against Blobguard, Blobtau, and Blobanids though, fire it and watch instant death melt those hundreds of units away. I’ve seen just a few incinerators table hormagaunt spam lists with ease.

Has two firing modes; whatever a model uses depends on whether or not it move that turn. In the latter mode, it fires as an assault cannon but is strength 7, and is always fired dsemonhunters that if the model using it is in terminator armor.

Is by far the most used of editiom ranged weapons. While anything AV 12 will pose about as much challenge to your psycannons as wet cardboard, AV can be a problem. You don’t have many good options for tank hunting and its important to choose the right one. Even AV14 will eventually falter under a hail of S7 rending shots, this just isn’t the most efficient editipn of them.

Your second option is a Vindicare. His special penetrating shot will allow you to neutralize armor early on one tank per turn at best assuming it fails it’s cover save at long range 36 inches which is not really long range.

It can be is fragile and too expensive, but this has come out as the favorite choice for most armies cockmonglers. The third choice, if by some exceptionally bad manly choice you’ve built a Coteaz army, is to use laser apes. Since their digital weapons can count as both lascannons and meltas among others they are equipped to deal with just about any situation. They also have special Monkey Powers which make ordinarily-nasty weapons even nastier. Rending Multimeltas with 36″ range? You can also spam Razorbacks with lascannons, but your best bet is to just bite the bullet and bring Coteaz with a bunch of Meltagun Henchmen in Chimeras and use them like Imperial Guard Vet squads.


Buy more Coteaz, and get some Sisters of Battle to provide the Inquisitorial Henchmen, thereby denying Ward his money. Also, if you want there’s a better way to use Grey Knight without having to buy their specific models. The Space Marines have a chapter similar to the Knights and it’s called the Exorcists.

Check them out on the Warhammer40kwikia for a complete history. Basically, they are a secret project conducted by the Inquisition in which they have the Marines possessed and later exorcised so they can gain a resistance to Chaos. Plus they are invisible to all the Daemons except the ones who are incredibly powerful. They have a mutual respect going on with the Inquisition and apparently team up with them on various occasions. This gives players a fluffy reason to field them with Inquisitors on the field.

Codex: Space Marines (5th Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

So daeminhunters you have it, buy Space Marine models, paint them in Exorcist colors, and make Matt Ward cry. For the recently-inducted, pt. A good expansion will be with Terminators and one of the more specialized HQ units, or if you’re looking to have some diversity, an Inquisitor and their retinue. Invest in at least one Stormraven, a Dreadknight, and either a Rhino or a Land Raider, depending on the balance of power-armor units to terminators, respectively.

And of course, be sure to ignore the people rolling their eyes for selecting the Grey Knights; Matt Ward’s silliness aside, the Grey Knights ARE a pretty fuckawesome army list with a good aesthetic design for the hobbyists and, with practice and patience, can efficiently lay waste to anyone they stand against.

If you balk at the Grey Knights fighting something other than daemons, well Ads by Project Wonderful!

Are Grey Knights obscenely powerful now? : Warhammer40k

Your ad here, right now: Because this article or section covers Ward’s copious amounts of derp and ragefans of the 40K series are advised that if they proceed onward, they daemonjunters see fluff and crunch violation of a level rarely seen. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. This page was last modified on 4 Augustat Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile xaemonhunters.