Editorial Reviews. Review. “Action, swoon-worthy romance,and plot twists,” – Stacey Wallace Darkness in the Blood (Angel’s Edge Book 2) – Kindle edition by Vicki Keire. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Gifts of the Blood. from: $ #1. Darkness in the Blood. from: $ #2. Blood Redemption. from: $ #3. List View | Grid View. Books by Vicki Keire. Booktopia has Darkness in the Blood (Angel’s Edge, Book Two) by Vicki Keire. Buy a discounted Paperback of Darkness in the Blood (Angel’s.

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Vic,i Keire has an incredible talent and mastery of writing that captures a readers interest quickly and holds on through every last page. She’s a natural defender and protector and now that Ethan is human and Logan’s getting a second chance at life, she feels she needs to protect them both. Though I had relatively few issues with the first book, I did question one of the most dramatic parts.

Darkness in the Blood (Angel’s Edge, #2) by Vicki Keire

In this book Vicki delves deeper into Caspia’s inner turmoil with the fact she can control shadows and with Ethan dealing with being human now. Jan 30, Chelsea rated it really liked it Shelves: If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Well, I’m kind of wishing right now that I’d either rated the previous book 4 stars or that it was possible to rate a book higher than 5 stars, because Keire’s book Darkness in the Bicki was even better than the previous.

Return to Book Page. It wasn’t my kind of book. I iin care what happens enough to ficki. I pushed myself to read this book and I’ve tried to finish it but I can’t.

I realize there is a third book, but this book ended in the same place emotionally as the last. Things have been So To ask other readers questions about Darkness in the Bloodplease sign up.


I wish that Ms. Logan’s role becomes stronger later on the in the book as does Asheroth’s who’s story I’m certain holds much more than has already been revealed. Generally speaking, Angel’s Edge is a fantastic universe to spend time in. I thought Caspia was a sarkness too weak and relient on her brother, boy friend, and guardine angel.

Oct 15, L.

It’s the fact that there is no connection between Caspia and Ethan. I was bloood bit disappointed to see less of Amberlyn this time around, however.

He acts as if he were bipolar. That is when Dr. I’m at a loss to why this book has such high reviews.

This is good, given what Ethan gave up for her in the first book in the series. Asheroth, Cassandra, and the beloved Logan.

Darkness in the Blood

I love how he’s crazy one minute and sane the next. Being human does not come easy to Ethan and he finds he is now as much in danger as Caspia is from all the supernatural forces in Whitfield. I liked this one more than Gifts of the Blood. Some of the fiction was crinkly and fun. The story builds on the foundation set in Gifts of the Blood, allowing the reader to more deeply connect with it’s characters.

The main character always jumps to the conclusion that she is the ONLY one who can save the day, and it gets a little wearing after a while. Other books in the series. As much as Vicki Keire tries to weave the sequel of her first book, this one does not have as much “ooomph” as the first one and it did not grab me as much as the first one did.

Plus she learns mor In this book Vicki delves deeper into Caspia’s inner turmoil with the fact she can control shadows and with Ethan dealing with being human now. I would not mind if she got help from the guy who does not like shirts.


The characters are starting to thoroughly annoy me. I’m not a spoiler girl, so my advice pick this series up! But I do happen to like it. All of this comes to an abrupt end when Caspia finally comes face to face with Belial. I hope Ethan gets his powers back.

There just seemed to be a wall between them. However, it appears that the price Ethaniel paid to give Logan back his life and his health.

Darkness in the Blood Quotes

Otherwise it was a nice progression from book two. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful This second book in the Angel’s Edge series is magnificent. Paperbackpages. Maybe I’ve not looked hard enough There darkneess very little romantic drama which made me happy because I get tired of stories where one minute she loves him and other minute she doesn’t.

Caspia’s world is full of changes and busier than ever. The story weaves the world of light and dark together in a way that aptly defines how there is nothing in our world or any other that is as clear as black and white or light and darkit is truly countless shades of grey. Ekire unpredictable new gift threatens to consume her. She spent the last decade teaching writing and literature at a large, football obsessed university while slipping pa.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next, and ivcki have my questions answered. I was thrilled that the novel was bold enough not to lean on the love triangle!