The Sea Priestess is the title of a highly acclaimed novel, self published in by Dion Fortune. The protagonist of the story is a mild. The Sea Priestess is the highly acclaimed novel in which Dion Fortune introduces her most powerful fictional character, Vivien Le Fay Morgan- a practicing. The Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune – book cover, description, publication history.

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Book Review: The Sea Priestess, by Dion Fortune | Like Telling the Truth

They achieve this with the aid of a poverty-stricken artist, Mona Wilton, who becomes close to Patson as the novel progresses.

The writing style of the author and the way of thinking and the behaviour of the characters appear often antiquated to me it was written around Talking men into killing themselves by promising them good fortune in the realms of the dead reminds me of Islamic suicide bombers who are told they will be blessed with virgins in heaven.

Vivien has the ability to transform herself into magical images, and here she becomes Morgan Le Fay, sea priestess of Atlantis and foster daughter to Merlin! Frankly, I found this prudish and ridiculous and not what one would expect from a pagan priestess.

Fortune saw her occult novels as an important part of her Fraternity work, initiating readers into the realms of occultism by speaking to their subconscious, even when their conscious mind rejects occult teachings. Ill forever cherish it and read it again. Return to Book Page.

Come unto me, Great Pan, come unto me! In this book Fortune expressed reservations about Spiritualism. In practical psychological terms what Vivien Le Fay Morgan does for Wilfred is to release him from the hen pecking dominance of his mother and sister, release and develop his repressed imaginative and artistic talents, incidentally cure him of asthmatic attacks at the same time, and lead him to meeting and marrying a local girl with whom he seems set fair to live happily ever afterwards.

These elemental dino and goddesses are ruled over, themselves, by the One, who is the great Initiator of all creation and whom, as I understand it, Dion Fortune believed to be Christ. In a shared vision, Molly and Wilfred make love in a pagan temple while the nature gods watch on with approval, and the elemental forces of the universe flow through them.


In this case, Vivien is meant to be Pfiestess Le Fay but of course! Mar 30, Dee rated it it was amazing. When the character of Vivian Le Fay Morgan appears, the book takes wings and flies.

Aug 24, Justin rated it liked it. Dion Fortune’s novels were a medium through which she shared her spiritual beliefs and practices.

The Sea Priestess

Source I read this blog essay he wrote about The Sea Priestess. I read it as fiction but the author meant for it to be much more than that. A witchcraft manual could not then be legally published for widespread consumption and even Fortune had to self publish the first printings of The Sea Priestess. Not a review as such but my copy has handwritten annotations by Dion Fortune herself.

He meets with Le Fay Morgan, a spiritual adept, and together they enter an obsessive on Wilfred’s part but platonic relationship while establishing a temple to the sea gods.

This is the tale of a bored British real estate broker who gets involved with a seemingly ageless woman who may just happen to be the reincarnation of a priestess from ancient Atlantis. He really is kind of a loser in life. These articles were then assembled as the book The Mystical Qabalahwhich is widely perceived as a milestone in her esoteric career. So perhaps she had to make something grand, cosmic, and sacrificial out of lovemaking, because she could not appreciate it in its natural and human right.

We can easily imagine the searchlight cabin as a place of meditation for Vivien Le Fay Morgan, looking out over the dark line of rocks that extend like steeping stones into the sea, over which she trod at night to the alarm of her colleague William Maxwell as the Atlantic rollers broke around her. To some extent it may be, but to leave it there is to be content with a mere half truth, for imagination and suggestion are but a priming of the pump.

This book spells out some of Fortune’s thinking and beliefs. Should you choose to read this book, I do not recommend the Kindle version pictured here published June 1st by Weiser Books. One of the comments which follows says: Though some of her writings may seem dated to contemporary readers, they have the virtue of lucidity and avoid the deliberate obscurity that characterised many of her forerunners and contemporaries. There follows a passage of Dion Fortune writing at her evocative best, about the images he sees in the driving waves at the height of the storm on a fitful moonlit night between the dark of wind torn clouds.


They soon find themselves inextricably drawn to an ancient cult through which they learn the esoteric significance of the magnetic ebb and flow of the moontides. It has been successfully passed on to Wilfred and to his new wife Molly, together with the contact with the Priest of the Moon, who continues to work with them in what Wilfred can best describe as a waking dream.

Firstly, why do people who believe themselves to be reincarnated insist on being some character of legend or, at the very least, an important figure in history? This faerie realm is a place where sickness and death do not exist.

The Sea Priestess – Dion Fortune – Google Books

I loved this book. A few accepted her offer, but many others instead accepted the leadership of Stafford-Allen. This is a rare thing to find in modern New Age texts, whose focus is often on positive affirmations and feel-good mantras often without adding any knowledge or insight forfune the human condition.

In lateFortune fell ill, and was unable to give her scheduled address to the Fraternity on that year’s winter dortune. Her immediate disappearance coincides with a rock fall in the cave temple in which she has been working, perhaps suggested to Dion Fortune by the explosion at the fort that caused its closure in Find us on Facebook.

It has also been scheduled as an ancient monument.