For Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention on the PlayStation Vita, GameFAQs has 9 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs), cheat codes and secrets. Disgaea 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention is broken down into chapters with. Apr 17, (Vita), PS3, Vita. Developer, Publisher. Nippon Ichi Software, Nippon Ichi America. Official Sites.

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Bow Range Attack range increased by 1 panels when bow is equipped. You will have to enter the Item World first before you can proceed further along the main storyline. More Expensive Stuff Mana: You can try to warp back to your home portal afterwards but the Archers will probably kill that character. A special attack has descended from disfaea heavens. There, smash the blocks and toss the Silence block on the colored panels to silence the magicians on the opposite side. Use Team Attacks as much deetention possible, to quickly get rid of a target, making sure they don’t get any turn.

Damage received is added to damage dealt by counterattack. Your monster should have the following characteristics: It is strongly recommended that you reincarnate Mao at the Genius level. Strike swiftly and take them down so they can’t gang cast stuff on you.

Evilities provide considerable boosts to a character’s status parameters, but they are quite expensive to obtain. Because of the way that the experience formula works, level 99 enemies give the same experience as an enemy that is about level On following turns expand the geo-free zone so it will accommodate your party but not your enemies. Kill whatever target you can reach and smash one of the geo blocks right away as soon as you get the chance.

Move your units along and defeat the Marionettes as they come at you. Lv6 Green Slime x3 Lv6 Marionette x2 Just as the tutorial demonstrated, toss the Red geo by the other red geos to destroy them all.


Visit the clinic, shop, learn skills, etc.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice – Walkthrough/guide

The process is not as convoluted as in Disgaea 2 and is shockingly simple to do. There are two vendors, one that shows up on floors and one that shows up on floors ; they each carry 10 unique tickets.

However, while leveling your rank 39 items, make sure that you save and gency out at floor Both ladies will continue their advance. Equip armors that are resistant to wind and fire, as the Sentinels can use Omega Fire and Omega Wind.

Table of Contents

Thus, killing innocents will ot you a subdued innocent of level 2 while tossing them on your ship will give you a subdued innocent of level 4. There, pick up the red geo block and throw it down below.

The Bird finger’s special attack does serious damage. Next, try to create some Dual-Specialists with your single innocents with Mediaters. Go back into the item and kill the boss a second time before finishing the level.

You only need 1 Guardian to get the full bonus. Use special skills for optimal results. Do this twice then you can rush the last one.

Go on and try to replicate what Geoffrey showed you during the tutorial Just so you can get a hang of the battle system. After sbsence, return to the middle area and kill the remaining targets with your strongest, longest ranged special attacks. He hates all men except Female ninja rebuilding her clan.

Collect at least 75 Managers but feel free to collect up to if you want. Lv9 Heavy Knight x4 Lv9 Heretic x2 Chest detrntion Start by tossing the Red geo onto the blue tile then destroying it to cause a geo chain; use a ranged or magic attack if you can’t reach the geo.

If you can’t get approval for the topic, refer to section 4. Two of the Ghouls will rush you, so heal up and take them out on the following turn. When all of Aurum’s lackeys are gone, cast Armor Break on him and hit him with special attack combos. Good at magic, healing, and archery.


Reset until you can pass your third “More x Growth” bill. Lv Master Thief x5 This is a long battle since you need to do a ton of throwing.

Main Characterisque Enemies: There isn’t a lot of space so you may try to hide your weak characters inside the base panel if they get too damaged. Lure the Fatalists towards you one at a time, then use your strongest attacks on each one, since they all have over HP. Magichange usage time becomes infinite. Its fossil body is hard to penetrate.

Though you can skip this if you already upgraded some abilities earlier. After that, march towards the enemies and kill off whatever you can, along with the newly spawned ones.

If you stay on the two green squares on the side the enemies won’t move, so use that to your advantage if you want. Below is a complete list of item innocents and their effects. The Gunners won’t move off their tiles and can only attack on their perpendicular axis so you will be safe as long as you are not in their targeted zone.

Quickly defeat the Red Mages that come to you. Makes strong team attacks with monsters. Yellow bars are determined by your stats right before the most recent reincarnation while blue bars are determined by how you allocate your bonus points.

Aurum has a ton of Distaea so I recommend taking out his lackeys first and killing him last. The topic becomes accessible on your second cycle or later during Chapter 8 and sometimes in the postgame due to a glitch, but it does nothing at that point.