Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F Rubber Flexibles are designed to provide excellent flexibility during Click here to download Ducab RuBICC – H07RN-F brochure. details on lead sheath cables refer our lead sheath power, control and auxilary cable catalogue). (g). (1) XLPE insulation Ultra-violet (UV) colour masterbatch. Established in , Ducab is the leading cable manufacturing company in the This catalogue provides working information on PVC insulated wiring cables.

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The moisture could be in the air, or could be generated by automatic sprinkler systems.

DUCAB Fire Performance Cables

Installing Ducab Smokemaster cables can reduce the threat to life by extending the escape and rescue time available. We invite you to register your company with us. As there is no halogen or acidic gas emission during burning of the cable, the sensitive equipment in the surrounding areas are not affected adversely. BT10C8 is a 10mm2 connector with a 8mm stud hole. Same as for direct in ground, refer to Duccab 2.

Recognizing quality products and services, Ducab has also won the Superbrand award for 4 years consecutively from These essential structural features form natural draught corridors which spread the problem of smoke and fumes to areas of cataloguue building which may not be affected by the fire itself — putting people at risk.


Armour bonding at both ends results in circulating current in the ctalogue. NOTE – They can be customized as per customer specific requirement with options for sheathing materials and armour types.

Ducab uses only tried and tested materials and processes in full compliance with all relevant British and International Standards. Therefore it is possible to select a mm2 cable rather than the mm2 cable first indicated.

Rating factors to take account of variations in ground temperatures are given in Table 2. Fire Performance Cables are intended for applications requiring cataloge integrity during fire.

Please click on the drop down to read more about our products. Acid gases are cataloyue irritants to people inhaling them. Galvanised round steel wire GSW along with tinned copper wires TCW for maintaining specified conductivity of armour if required by the customer.

For cataloggue three phase ac circuits, the values relate to the line voltage. In addition, Ducab was presented with the Dubai Quality Awardfor the best local industrial company of the year.

Cataoogue tape or Aluminium PE tape along with tinned copper drain wire can be used for shielding purposes. Functions Holds the cores together and prevents them from opening out.

When ordering connectors specify stud hole size required. Read more Customer Service Contact our customer services customerservice ducab. However selecting from Table 31 with a current of A and a volt drop of 0.

DUCAB Cable Manufacturing Company, High Medium Low Voltage Cables Dubai, UAE, Middle East

Smoke diminishes the time available by reducing visibility, hindering mobility and causing bodily harm. Direct in ground – Cables touching Single way ducts – ducts touching Note: Cables are installed at a distance between centres of twice the overall diameter cztalogue the cable, i. Low Voltage cables are used to supply power to large motors and other cataloue equipments. Please enable JavaScript, or certain functions may not work properly. The voltage drop 2 values in the tables have been based on this assumption.


Ducab constantly monitors its manufacturing processes and operates stringent quality assurance procedures to give long term reliability. The dimensions of cables vary with manufacturing tolerances. Let Vd be the voltage drop in volts. Other important factors to be taken into account are: Separate catalogues are available for the remaining range of Ducab Cables.

Ducab has made a major contribution to meeting these requirements, with the development of a range of Ducab Smokemaster Low Smoke Zero Halogen armoured power and wiring cables. BoxDubai, U. The structural services of the building, including the underfloor voids and vertical riser ducag which accommodate cables, can cahalogue the spread of fire and the spread of the smoke and fumes which the fire produces.