Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. ECH81 Datasheet PDF Download – Triode – Heptode, ECH81 data sheet. Class, Va, Vg2, Vg1, Ia, Ig2, Ra, S, Notes. Static, , , , , Triode section. Frequency changer, , , Triode section. Static, , , , ,

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6I1P = ECH81 = 6AJ8 tube. Triode-heptode

The differences between the ECH81 and the ECH83 are insignificant and much less than the variation between individual tubes or the spread within each type. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum.

Collection of Werner Wussow D. We are happy to welcome another cook in the kitchen: Collection of Klemens Rhode Dataeheet.

However, further measurements will be done by Roy and Wolfgang in order to get additional information, although the thesis probably cannot be proved with any degree of certainty. The conclusion is that measurements at high and low voltage show no significant difference between the two types. Suddenly I remember some experiments done with a breadboard mixer-circuitry a few years ago. The right language selection at the Wysiwyg-Editor is only necessary for the first post of a thread since this one shows the language flag for the whole thread.

Collection xatasheet Vitor Oliveira P. Test voltage was 25 V. Comparing the effect datadheet the control grid G1 on plate current to the effect of the LO injection grid G3. Collection of Ekkehard Pfau D.

An independent measurement of the electrical and physical qualities was the goal. They have each been tested under the operating conditions recommended for each type of tube with a datashdet of 8 measurements for each. Collection of Tomasz Szczesniak PL.


ECH81 @ The Valve Museum

We saw in the past: Type ECH81 was first introduced in Collection of Bartosz Szwed GB. Collection of Ralf Meinke D.

You reach this tube or valve page from a search after clicking the “tubes” tab or by clicking a tube on a radio model page. It is also significant that there was no ECH83 services specification.

RTT Franzis A plot of all measurements is shown HERE on a logarithmic scale. Only the ECC 86 tube utilizes different special technology ……. One may speculate that the datashete in this particular case may be either due to the valve failing in some way to meet the catasheet low-level performance required of an ECH83 although one might wonder whether the necessary level of testing would be cost-effective for a consumer item or more likely that datashewt manufacturer was simply making up a shortfall in ECH81’s by “re-purposing” ECH83’s, and was content to do so in the knowledge that any difference in high-voltage performance would lie within normal tolerances.

It would also be interesting to vatasheet an ECH81 in a low voltage car radio. So this curves are not directly comparatible to the curves in the first figure. ECH 83 for low voltage only. Under a dataxheet the lower section can be seen to contain several wire grid spirals. The date of the second edition of the specification is May which shows that the usefulness of the ECH81 at low voltages was recognised at an early stage. You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links.


You will find thousands of tubes or valves with interesting links. Believe it or believe it not, even with the supply voltage reduced to 3 V both tube types are still functional! Note how severe the attenuation is at low control grid G1 voltages at 0V. Even with a magnifier glass nothing worth to mention!

ECH 81, Tube ECH81; Röhre ECH 81 ID, Triode-Heptode

When hunting around for suitable tubes, I stumbled over a very interesting case. This is the nominal recommended screen bias. This choice of grid requires a relatively wide p-p datashset for efficient mixing, but this is easily supplied by the independent triode oscillator. If you want that your question is seen by more members please go to this thread, click “Edit”, change language to English and then click Submit – and your question will have the flag for English.

Below are the isolated system parts from a tube. They are fed to an Audio-Amplifier with speaker. As clearly was done.

ECH81 Datasheet

Collection of Michael Wenzel D. So the test can be done.

Collection of Reinhard Riek D. We don’t want “jumping to conclusions”. The standing anode current and the mutual conductance for both the triode and the heptode sections were measured. Collection of Patrice Zeissloff F.

The pins are identical to ECH81 but that is all. Before we present our results, I would like to show how I and what resulted.