Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. James’s delightful third installment in her The Taming of the Duke (The Essex Sisters Book 3) – Kindle edition by Eloisa James. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or . Imogen, Lady Maitland, has decided to dance on the wild side. After all, she’s in the delicious position of being able to take a lover. A discreet male who k. The Taming of the Duke by Eloisa James I am just a simple reader. I understand that you like to write books with subtle clues and hints as the.

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But Imogen is finally coming to terms with her husband’s death and is also finally realizing that although she loved him, he wasn’t perfect. It’s rather like having two lives.

Duuke needed at least another week of wooing, both in and out of costume. I married Ewan because I had to after that scandal broke.

After all, she’s in the delicious position of being able to take a lover. I’m all for a woman making iames first move and going after what she wants. On one hand, I very much enjoyed Rafe.

Even when he’d stopped drinking, there should have been some notice of change in his demeanor. The storyline of Rafe trying to stop drinking and why he is doing it is probably the aspect of the book I like the most so far.

Instead, Rafe ends up engaging in a series of inappropriate encounters with the woman who constantly bedevils and entrances him. Please stop by tthe join eeloisa conversation on my readers’ pages.


He was ashamed of his marriage, ashamed of her. I finish each book wishing there was just a little more to what I read. This could be due to an overdose of Imogen from the earlier books or a lack of the Earl of Mayne who I am positively becoming obsessed with.

Find out more about Lenora Bell and her books at lenorabell. I am glad Imogene;s story was the 3rd.

View all 27 comments. It seems like they’re just friends.

The Taming of the Duke (Essex Sisters, #3) by Eloisa James

But it wasn’t a bad book really, just not quite iames type of book I love. Jul 22, Dawn rated it liked it Shelves: I want to know ruke Imogen figured out it was Rafe and not Gabe. Yet the literature professor in me certainly plays into my romances. It is not grabbing me at all yet. While I initially disliked Rafe earlier in the series, I learned more about hi What I love most about Eloisa James is her ability to take unlikely heroes and heroines and turn them into extraordinarily likable protagonists.

Ot get that he wasn’t a great dude. Imogen spent much of the previous books being petulant and then grieving. He was beautiful, the way some Greek thr are beautiful, in an otherworldly type of way. Be the first to ask a question about The Taming of the Duke. You don’t really need to read books one and two to enjoy this book but it makes it so much better to see Imogen growing up and getting over her devastating loss and to see Rafe finally become the Duke you always knew he could be.


The Taming of the Duke

I’m hoping my mind will change about this series after reading the last boo but it doesn’t seem like it. I need to know how to attain a proposal of marriage, preferably within a few weeks of the season opening. View all 15 comments. Mar 24, jenjn79 rated it liked it Shelves: As Dawa noted, swords were not common Regency accoutrements.

Any reputation he had left was shattered by his ill-mannered act of jilting Tess in the first place. And I don’t even know how she figured out it was Rafe not Gabe who seduced her. They had strong chemistry together, and I liked how Rafe was protective and inwardly possessive of Imogen, even while she was dismissing him.

James’s intelligent, believable dialogue rises above the often trite language found in historical romances, giving the characters depth and substance. Gabe has come to Rafe to ask that Rafe open up and refurbish the old family theatre so that Gabe may give Mary’s mother what she wants and have her stay out of Mary’s life altogether.

Or maybe it was just one too many things for me to accept. Thanks for telling us about the problem.