Epulis (Greek: ἐπουλίς; plural epulides) is any tumor like enlargement (i.e. lump) situated on Also termed a “pregnancy tumor” or “granuloma gravidarum”, this lesion is identical to a pyogenic granuloma in all respects apart from the fact that . Epulis gravidarum is a quite rare gingival disorder occurring in to 5% of pregnant women, and it affects more commonly the anterior region of the upper. Epulis gravidarum. Benign tumour of the gums that occurs during pregnancy due to the effect of the hormones of pregnancy and disappears after delivery.

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None, Conflict of Fpulis Pyogenic granuloma PG is a tumor-like growth in the oral cavity. It is manifested as a painless sessile or pedunculated, erythematous, exophytic and specific papular or nodular with a smooth or lobulated surface, which may have a fibrinous covering. The lesion usually bleeds easily on a slight provocation.

Epulis gravidarum – definition of epulis gravidarum by The Free Dictionary

PG is considered to be a non-neoplastic in nature. It is a reactive lesion, also classified in pregnancy associated gingival diseases. It gravidraum due to irritation or physical trauma from calculus or cervical restorations as also some contribution by hormonal factors and usually affects gravdarum gingiva, but can be seen in areas of frequent trauma such as lower lip, tongue, oral mucosa, and palate.


The growth is typically seen on or after the third month of pregnancy and may grow rapidly to acquire a large size, thus, requiring surgical removal. The diode laser has also been used as an alternative treatment modality.

Epulis – Wikipedia

This is a case report of PG in a patient treated with the diode laser. How to cite this article: A case report of pregnancy tumor and its management using the diode laser.

J Dent Lasers ;6: How to cite this URL: Gingival overgrowth between maxillary right central and lateral incisors Graavidarum here to view. Three weeks after phase I therapy Click here to view. Histologic section of the excised tissue Click here to view.

[The clinical and therapeutic aspects of epulis gravidarum].

One week post-operative view Click here to view. Sooriyamoorthy M, Gower DB.

Hormonal influences on gingival tissue: Relationship to periodontal disease. J Clin Periodontol epuliw Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; Clinical diagnosis and management of hormonally responsive oral pregnancy tumor pyogenic granuloma.


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Epulis gravidarum

Epidemiology, pathology and clinical aspects. Altered tissue metabolism of progesterone in pregnancy gingivitis and granuloma.

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Photomed Laser Surg ; Related articles Diode laser pyogenic granuloma pregnancy. Sitemap What’s New Feedback Disclaimer.