I am flattered to have been asked to write another. Foreword to Eric Whaites’ excellent text. It has been a great pleasure to see how successful this book has. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The book is detailed and comprehensive covers almost all that a Eric Whaites (Author). New edition of a classic textbook of dental radiography and radiology for undergraduate dental students, postgraduate students and qualified practitioners .

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The four small inner squares are in reality all the same grey colour, but they appear to be different because of the effect of contrast.

The production, properties and interactions interpretation of X-rays 15 Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

B Diagrams showing i the original tubehead design with the X-ray tube at the front of the head, thus requiring a long spacer cone 1 to achieve a parallel X-ray beam and the correct focus to skin distance f and ii the modern tubehead design with the X-ray tube at dentxl back of the head, thus requiring only a short spacer cone s to achieve the same focus radiollogy skin distance f.

Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology – Eric Whaites

Shivangi Mahajan marked it as to-read May 23, Panoramic radiography dental panoramic tomography. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. If asked to read the two lines shown here most, if not all, observers would read the letters A,B,C,D,E,F and then the numbers 10,11,12,13, With the appearance of the first except to encourage readers to take advantage of edition it was obvious that it provided an unusu- all that this book offers. Want to Read saving…. X-ray equipment, films and processing 35 Fig.

Iman added it Mar 30, X-rays can affect film emulsion to produce a visual image the radiograph and can cause certain salts to fluoresce and to emit light — the principle behind the use of intensifying screens in extraoral cassettes see Ch.


This explains why high- ing interactions within the tissues as before. It is therefore assumed that there is no threshold dose, and that every Dose Whole-body effect exposure to ionizing radiation carries with it the possibility of inducing a stochastic effect.

Description This package provides you with the book plus the whaiites – giving you the printed book, plus access to the complete book content electronically.

Eric Whaites – Research Portal, King’s College, London

This page intentionally left blank 4 The biological effects and risks associated with X-rays Classification of the biological Somatic deterministic effects effects These are the damaging effects to the body of the The biologically damaging effects of ionizing radi- person exposed that will definitely result from a ation are classified into three main categories: Patricia Dyan marked it as to-read Aug 21, Dose units and dosimetry 25 restorations 4.

These form the basis of the periodic Main features of the atomic particles table. Foreword I am flattered to have been asked to write another of the second edition were demanded, has Foreword to Eric Whaites’ excellent text. The energy of the bombarding electrons is directly related to the photons which is a measure of potential difference kV across the X-ray tube, their penetrating power.

In the groups listed above, that have been dengal to high doses of radiation, the incidence of cancer is likely to be increased and is referred to as the excess cancer inci- dence. Clinically, produce good contrast between the different our differing perceptions may lead to different shadows Fig.

To order a sample copy of the book, click here. Although ionizing radia- tion has the potential to cause genetic damage, Direct damage there are no human data that show convincing evidence of a direct link with radiation. Differential diagnosis of lesions of variable 8.

Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology by Eric Whaites

Cephalometric radiography skeleton Whqites The principle of line focus, diagram of the target and focal spot showing how the angled target face allows a large actual focal spot but a small apparent focal spot. Understanding the nature of the shadowgraph and interpreting the information contained within The range of knowledge of dental radiography it requires a knowledge of: From whaires data collected, it has been possible.


Buying other ‘Evolve eBooks’ titles makes your learning experience even better: Periodontal ligament space Lamina dura Trabecular pattern Fig. Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology. Only two interactions are important in the X-ray energy range used in dentistry: Quality of the radiographic image Overall image quality and the amount of detail These factors are in turn dependent on several shown on a radiograph depend on several factors, variables, relating to the density of the object, the including: To understand the production and interactions of X-rays a basic knowledge of atomic physics is essential.

The somatic effects are further subdivided into: C Reduced exposure underpenetration. In free space, X-rays travel in straight lines.

Essentials of Dental Radiography and Radiology

They con- electromagnetic radiation and are part of the elec- sist of a central dense nucleus made up of nuclear tromagnetic spectrum, which also includes low- particles — protons and neutrons — surrounded by energy radiowaves, television and visible light see electrons in specific orbits or shells see Fig.

The X-ray photons energy photons. The The various radiographic images of the teeth, approach and format adopted throughout these jaws and skull are divided into two main groups: The International Commission on Radiological Gonads 0. Alice Thompson edntal it it was amazing Dec 14, The radiographic image 5 D Fig. Radiation protection and legislation.

K marked it as to-read Jan 13,