OSHA and CE Compliance: EXAIR compressed air products comply with . EXAIR Vortex Tubes will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free operation. Looking for EXAIR ” Stainless Steel Vortex Tube with 1/4″ (M)NPT Air Inlet ( 4LCK6)? Grainger’s got your back. Price:$ Easy ordering & convenient. Exair , Medium Vortex Tube, 40 SCFM, Btu/Hr. Usually ships in 2 days. Buy it and Save at

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Low cost, reliable, maintenance-free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems.

Using an ordinary supply of compressed air as a power source, vortex tubes create two streams of air, one hot and one cold, with no moving parts. Vortex tubes can produce:. For more details on the theory behind vortex tubes, click here. Cold airflow and temperature are easily controlled by adjusting the slotted valve in the hot air outlet.


Opening the valve reduces the cold airflow and the cold air temperature. Closing the valve increases the cold airflow and the cold air temperature.

The percentage of air directed to the cold outlet of the vortex tube is called the “cold fraction”. Most industrial applications, i. Certain “cryogenic” applications, i. Setting a vortex tube is easy.

Exair products – ETEST

Simply insert a thermometer in the cold air exhaust and set the temperature by adjusting the valve at the hot end. Vortex tubes can produce: The wear resistance of stainless steel, as well as its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, assures that EXAIR Vortex Tubes will provide years of reliable, maintenance-free operation. Cooling electronic controls Cooling machining operations Cooling CCTV cameras Setting hot melts Cooling soldered parts Cooling gas samples Electronic component cooling Cooling heat seals Cooling environmental chambers.

No moving parts No electricity or chemicals Small, lightweight Low cost Maintenance free Instant cold air Durable – stainless steel Adjustable temperature Interchangeable generators. Compressed air, normally PSlG 5.


At up to 1, RPM, this air stream revolves toward the hot end where some escapes through the control valve. The remaining air, still spinning, is forced back through the center of this vottex vortex.

The inner stream gives off kinetic energy in the form of heat to the outer stream and exits the vortex tube as cold air. The outer stream exits the opposite end as hot air.

Wirbelrohr – Vortex Tube

There is a detailed discussion exsir vortex tube history and theory later in this section. Temperatures, flows and refrigeration are adjustable over a wide range using the control valve on the hot end exhaust.

A Model Vortex Tube cools a die on a medical tube forming machine.