A draft of something that resembles an instruction manual. Quick Play Guide If you encounter grammar/spelling errors, feel free to correct. A freeware 4X game that is heavily inspired by the Master of Orion series. ”’This is a brief introduction to FreeOrion gameplay. This guide was just born recently, and is currently quite tiny but growing rapidly. A somewhat less brief Quick.

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FreeOrion Guide and Walkthrough – Giant Bomb

That way, you expand safely, but still reasonably quickly. Trust me, Feeeorion tried this numerous times. So, if Snowflakes start to randomly appear out of nowhere, research Active Radar and you see why.

Think you’re an expert in FreeOrion? Below is a list of all planets in the system, and information about those planets. Generally focusing on a resource will produce more of it, but various factors can influence how much of a resource a planet can produce at each focus setting.

Remember to research Domesticated Mega-Fauna. The growth special is definitely the preferred way. Side By Side Format multiple images into a tidy layout. When you switch your homeworld, you will loose the RPs of its twenty-something population.

Otherwise a Kraken will pop out the turn your Outpost Ship hovers above the nest. In the fleet window, select a colony ship from the bottom half of the list. For the actual colonization keep up the pattern: Also, if the current category setting above the tree view does not show the tech, this will be changed to the tech’s category automatically.


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Feel free to drop by the FreeOrion forums if you have questions, want to share you experiences playing the game, or want to pitch in and help build the next version of the game. Active Radar is necessary to see all the roaming Small Snowflakes before they mature.

I generally go for the cheepest and fastest weapon, manal then some defence. And I find it challenging to deny myself this opportunity. The only way to refuel it quickly is to extend your empire’s supply lines to reach the fleet’s system. Below the military panel is the buildings panel, which displays icons for all buildings located on a planet.

The Neutron Scanner tech allows for much better intelligence. The enemy AI seems to really drop the ball in this aspect. These instructions assume knowledge of the terms they use, so if any are unclear, try searching the guide for the terms using freeotion browser search function and you should be able to find an explanation.

Read below for a more detailed explanation of how to use the various screen and the various features that have been implemented.

Make at least fereorion, preferably five or more Robocruisers to secure the area. You have been patient long enough now. You can find the habitability for species other than Humans by rotating the wheel accordingly, so that the best-suited planet is on the top.

This is also the reason you want to tame them soon. If in doubt check the planet suitability. You might at some points see from the graphs that the AI outproduces you in the early game by sacrificing research for production. Below this is the resources panel, which shows how much of the various resources the planet produces, highest first.


Production can be similarly accessed. For now, concentrate on Research is probably best, more information on these options can be found maunal the game Pedia. So when the number is smaller, the map will end up with more starlanes to create enough connections between adjacent systems.

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Every system has a fleet icon for the fleets of each empire you know has a fleet in the system. Mamual empires will be more aggressive depending on their max aggression settings, both Maniacal and Aggressive AIs are actually capable of defeating other AIs and winning the game themselves, the Beginner level AI will normally leave other empires alone and merely try to defend itself.

What layout would you like? At the right side of the production screen is the production sidepanel. You can move fleets to new systems by selecting the fleet in the fleets window, then right clicking on the star you wish the fleet to move to.