Gideon Frost is willing to do whatever it takes to earn enough money to save the printing shop that was left to him by his father. But when faced with the prospect. Buy a cheap copy of Frost Fair book by Erastes. “The research behind ‘Frost Fair’ is impressive indeed and the depiction of the winter carnival taking place on. In the first Frost Fair was held-although there’s not that much recorder evidence of it, . Thanks so much to Erastes for stopping by today.

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Frost Fair

Preview — Frost Fair by Erastes. The story, while cold and bleak in some parts, is warm and hot in others and left me, as a reader, feeling completely fulfilled.

Still, it left a nagging feeling in the back of my mind which is why I comment on it. Alpha MalesCinderfellas from rags to riches And more importantly, it enables him to offer assistance to the unfortunate but beautiful Gideon just when the man needs it most. For this one, we actually drop down a few rungs on the social ladder and deal with, well, regular people.

The balls of the dancing kind and the silly So, it is and Gideon Frost is almost down to his last sou.

Frost Fair – Erastes – Google Books

I felt like I was immersed in the story as I read. He doesn’t try and investigate the matter and simply takes Thouless’s word on the matter. All in all a good idea rrost a piece of fiction which could have been a really good read, if the author had dived in a bit deeper, instead of just scratching on the surface.


Anyways, I just needed something a bit more straightforward, and with tension, but still idylic and charming, especially after the last thing I read. I wanted more emotional turmoil because, frankly, Redfern was terrible to Frost and very undeserving of him. Log in No account?

Frost Fair by Erastes

She gave me a villain to really grind my teeth about, and two heroes to cheer for despite one’s stupid mistake and the other’s bad fortune. Were you not saying that you were thinking of getting some pictures done? Frost Fair by Erastes Goodreads Author. While she desires to write fiction, she seems to have more success in the non-fiction world. Gideon Frost was man of honor and owner of little printing press shop. Redfern’s character felt very shallow and the relationship between him and Frost felt really underdeveloped to me.

However the plot manages to be old fashioned and unconvincing. It also attracted the curious of all classes, including one, Finbarr Thouless. Book reviewed on this site are either borrowed from libraries, given freely by the publishers or authors or bought by the reviewers. Being dead broke, Gideon agrees to prostitute his young self to survive and keep the doors open on his business, a printshop.

I really liked the erates of this book and the time and place it was set in. Who knows what sparked man to start covering his bits — it would hardly be warmth, after all. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Still, good enough that I’d probably read more of Erastes’ work. Still — roll on global warming.

So, it is and Gideon Frost is almost down to his last sou. Unspoken words were hanging in th Gideon Frost was man of honor and owner of little printing press shop. Would you like to share an excerpt?


It’s a break from a “traditional” Regency romance and not only rrastes it’s a gay romance! Aug 13, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Tags about me activist: Joshua Redfern ogled handsome Gideon as much as Gideon longed for mr. Erastes is a wonderful author and storyteller; this is a matter of craft that is easily repaired. Frost might be persuaded to do a commission.

His fortune faair to favor him at last, because his customer is not only gentle enough to feed him, but pays more than Gideain meant to charge him. It’s Gideon that gives him the chance he is waiting, when stirs up against himself the rage of a nobleman he sexually refused; without a job and support, Gideon accepts the apparently friendly hand of Joshua.

Times were very different and there was also a huge gap between the classes. Additionally, what about real person slash? He was struggling on the edge of poverty and he was determinate to keep his shop and his little assistant whom he took out of the slums. I didn’t frist understand why. I have one tiny quibble and it comes near the end: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

But the heart of the story and perhaps the best part of it, was the dialogue. How is this an Unusual Historical?