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OpenStage Provisioning Interface Developer’s Guide

See the following snippet: With OpenStage V2R2, push bebrauch is available. As soon as the user presses the key, information about the incoming call is presented, and the user can accept the call. Any combination of user id and password is meaningful only within the realm it is assigned to.

In an initial HTTPS request, the phone tells the provisioning service that it is ready for operation. Available with OpenStage V2R2 onwards. However the provisioning service should avoid setting an FPK to such a function when it is not possible for it to be used.

Duration seconds Integer 0 continuous ring ; 1 to Default: The value is built up during phone start up, querying hardware variant. The name of the DNS domain wherein the phone is infernen.


When set to immediate, the current status will be disregarded, and the software will be deployed unconditionally. The status of the feature can be monitored via the LED associated to the key. The information about the type of application is provided in the XML-app-special-instance item.

The provisioning service may set an FPK to one of the new functions.

Bellcore- SIP Alert-info ringer dr1 names like: Otherwise, the user will not be able to control the feature any more. The file size is limited to kB. The phone responds with the status item indicating the unknown item. Conference Label for the key. These will be added according filerype the functional area they belong to. Session minutes ssh-timersession 4. The following call functions are available: IP address for the phone.

For details, see Section 1.

The provisioning servic allocates the 2nd waiting job gebraucy the connection. Number of OpenStage Key Modules. Supported with OpenStage V2R2. If the phone is unable to establish a solicited connection when no longer busy then the cached indication is retained after the existing process to connect to the provisioning service has failed.

Language locked-configmenus Set the language for the user menu. Both microphone and loudspeaker can be switched on or off separately.



Item is Unknown at Phone The phone initiates a connection to the provisioning service. The following XML snippet allows the use of the G. Additionally, the special, fixed password must be provided in the restart-password item, and the restart-type item must be set to FactoryReset.

As they are already described in the administrator chapter, only cross-references to the corresponding section are given here. Please ensure to provide the phone with the contact address of the provisioning service see Section 2. Average round trip delay milliseconds qdc-delaythresh Integer 0 to Default: NULL Specific route 2. Callback Label for the key.

NULL Prefix for national connections, e. If the XML item received from the provisioning service is empty, the corresponding certificate intdrnen the phone will be deleted. A single short beep tone is played through the handset, headset or loudspeaker when call recording starts, i. In turn the phone will send a response with solicited as a ReasonForContact.

Otherwise, it will not be able to register with the riletype service after a factory reset. Ringer off Turns off the ringtone.