Omega is a book by Jack McDevitt that won the John W. Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in The mystery surrounding the. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns. Omega (Academy, book 4) by Jack McDevitt – book cover, description, publication history.

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His characters are real and I could easily visualize the world. It’s not that I can’t enjoy writers that hold McDevitt’s position.

McDevitt’s writing style continues to be excellent and his Goompahs make for interesting aliens. Click here to see the rest of this review.

After an attempt to speak directly to mcedvitt Goompah — the lecturer Macao, who seems one of the most level-headed and esteemed in their society — fails dismally she doesn’t run screaming, but her fear overtakes her willingness to heed the warningsdrastic measures seem called for. Priscilla “Hutch” Hutchinson in questo capitolo ad esempio ha una bimba piccola, ma ha almeno una sessantina di berrette sulle spalle.

She omga saves the day through smarts and bravery. This is after all, the same author that wrote both ‘Starship Troopers’ and ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’.

Scientists must find a way to rescue the humanoids without violating the protocol not to jackk with the civilization. I’ll read the next in the series and probably no more unless it gets off the lopsided tone.

Oh my God, I thought it would never end.

Omega Book Summary and Study Guide

Feb 08, Mike rated it it was ok Shelves: A new, thriving medieval civilization has been discovered on the world of Lookout. I couldn’t say that about the previous books in this series. Hutch has to juggle resources to save the cute creatures, at the same concealing the human intervention in order not to disrupt the alien civilization’s development.


There’s a lot less of that this time round.

Detailed Review Summary of Omega by Jack McDevitt

Some years after the last with some better technology in place and exploring farther away from home. There are no ancient archeological mysteries to solve and whether the ultimate quest of saving the cuddly aliens succeeds or not isn’t going to influ It’s hard mcxevitt focus on reading for me at the moment, so I ended up reading this book a couple of pages at a time, sometimes with weeks of not reading anything.

The part I hated about this book was that the Omega cloud were vastly different than they were in “The Engines of God”. Jun 21, Scott Holstad rated it liked it. It doesn’t have quite the same spark as, for example, Chindi.

What really saves the books from a really low grade is oemga questio In this book McDevitt combines an interesting story with some interesting philosophical questions and it’s infinitely better than its predecessor, which unfortunately doesn’t say much.

McDevitt imbues him with very believable humanity, including a nervous disposition, a general lack of self-confidence, and possibly-unrequited love for the ship’s pilot no spoilers here!

Omega (The Academy, #4) by Jack McDevitt

Omega by Jack McDevitt 1 6 Sep 26, The Omega Clouds from the first book Engine of the Gods is years from destroying the earth so interest in finding a way to stop them is low. I’d read Chindi first if you’re new to this series, but if you liked Chindiyou’ll probably like this as well, with the caveat that it’s not quite as good.


He isn’t inventing some future ideology or exploring ideas; he’s writing the politics of the moment into his stories and he isn’t even particularly persuasive about it. I must get hold of other Jack McDevitt books.

The Goompahs named by the humans via an unfortunate accident of similarity to characters in a children’s TV show on Earth are not particularly alien aliens: I never expected total and complete originality out of these. I look forward to the next book. This book mostly gets kicked to the curb by sci-fi readers on Goodreads.

It might mcdevitg be me. Even the alien women are better than most of 2 Stars I might give it three stars without the preachiness.

The constant political wrangling and hair-pulling mccdevitt in getting anything done at all is wearying, but gives her a new appreciation for how much work goes into what does in fact get done. Hutch is part of an expedition to save them if possible, using a strikingly new discovery.

Because the only way to save them is to either divert the Omega or to convince the Goompahs to leave their cities and head for the high ground.

I don’t think the omega clouds are inherently as interesting as the puzzle in Chindiand McDevitt’s aliens mcdevitt a lot of allowances and suspension of disbelief. It makes me wonder about the value of truth. In this book, we get more of the Omega clouds, monstrously huge clouds floating through space, decimating virtually every city on all worlds they encounter.