JCT’s Home Owner Contracts are designed specifically for people looking for the benefits and protection of a contract when appointing consultants or contractors. This contract is for a home owner/occupier who has not appointed a consultant to administer the contract. The customer deals directly with the contractor. Please note that you do not need a subscription to purchase Homeowner Contracts which are only available as pdfs. The subscription service supports online.

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This contract is designed for use by the private consumer engaging a builder.

Scottish Real Estate In Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP. More from this Firm.

Our Vision is Simple Only the purchaser can use the contract, you may not give the contract to anyone else to use for their project. Where can the contracts be used?

Building Contract for a Home Owner

Most commercial buildings, such as offices hlmeowners shopping centres, are built using JCT contracts. Delays arising from weather will always be tricky and may not be limited to exceptionally adverse weather as that would rely on the adoption of an implied term. More from this Author. Indeed both rely on good communication and a pragmatic approach to work. If this is the case it should also be made clear in the tender documents so the contractor may allow for appropriate screening and temporary works, and agreement should be reached with the contractor over suitable arrangements.


JCT Homeowners Contracts • Frequently Asked Questions

Draft contracts cannot be used for the tendering process with multiple contractors. The architect’s appointment sets out: How will I receive the contract? A You will receive an order confirmation email that can be used a VAT receipt. Q What happens if I change my mind about something after we have signed the contract? Who will apply for planning permission, building jcct approval and party wall consents.

Interested in the next Webinar on this Topic? A common omission is insurance against damage caused to property which is not the result of the negligence of the contractor.

Be aware though that failure to grant as much access as is necessary to complete the works will entitle the contractor to an extension of time! Within the extensions of time provisions HO09 also provides that the contractor contrach claim any reasonable costs where delayed by the customer e. Miss these vital ingredients and any project will fail, which in a nutshell is no different with much larger projects.

Yes, the contracts are available to buy in print from stockists around the country, visit the jctcontracts. There is a cancellation form at the back of each document.

Our terms and conditions strictly prevent you from using the contract more than once. A There are no refunds for the Home Owner Contracts. Part 1 The arrangements for the work covers: Can I get a refund on my Homeowner Contracts? Many disputes involving residential building projects arise because of a failure to put in place a formal written contract before work begins and because the parties fail to agree on certain essential things, such as what work must be carried out.


However the contract does provide for adjudication in the event of a dispute between the home owner and the contractor. Will the site accept my credit card if I live outside the UK?


Both contracts stipulate that no further monies become due until the work has been finished by another contractor. The contracts also assist by acting as a checklist for essential items in a building contract.

You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader here:. This is a risk which homeiwners be quite high with certain projects, such as those on tight urban sites or in close proximity to old buildings, and in such cases it may be advisable to take out a special policy for the benefit of the employer.