This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects from GitHub. To run the application, you will need the jar file in addition to the SWT files. JFace isn’t MenuManager; import

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Matthew Scarpino has over ten years of software design and engineering experience. Color development with SWT. The following key names are known case is ignored: Customizing event processing with untyped events.

If the action delegate also implements IActionDelegate2then this method is not invoked but instead the runWithEvent IAction, Event method is called.

Download org.eclipse.jface-3.6.0.jar : org.eclipse.jface « o « Jar File Download

DeleteLineAction An action to delete a whole line, the fraction of the line that is left from the cursor or the fraction that is right from the cursor. RetargetTextEditorAction Action used by an editor action bar contributor to establish placeholders in menus or action bars which can be retargeted to dynamically changing actions, for example, those which come from the actuon editor.

Note that if this method is called, it overrides jfacs check status. InsertLineAction This action implements smart return. GlobalBuildAction Standard action for full and incremental builds of all projects within the workspace. If the key code is not an SWT code for example if it a key code for the key ‘S’a string containing a character representation of the key code is returned. Sets the enabled state of this ation.


The Common Public License. When an action is in the enabled state, the control associated with it is active; triggering it will end up inkoking this action’s run method. IWorkbenchWindowPulldownDelegate interface if the pulldown attribute is true.

Beginning the WidgetWindow application.

Understanding the Composite class. Using typed listeners and events.


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Containing components with Composites 3. LaunchAction Launches a launch configuration in a specific mode. The interface IViewActionDelegate allows the action delegate, during initialization, to target itself with the view instance it should work with.

Stephen Holder is a software engineer who has worked as a consultant for several large commercial and government agencies on enterprise level Java projects, including writing Eclipse plugins to streamline the development process. The BooleanPropertyAction is an action that set the values of a boolean property in the preference store. Making a single choice with radio buttons and SWT. Sign up using Facebook. Maps a standard keyboard key name to an SWT key code. An action to delete a whole line, the fraction of the line that is left from the cursor or the fraction that is right from the cursor.


In the default case, this is always true. An action set should contribute common actions which are not specific to any particular view or editor. ContributedAction For a declarative editor action, see if we can link it to a command.

Building the application class. Calls the zero-arg constructor, then setText. Causing action with push buttons and SWT. Description copied from interface: The following modifier key names are recognized case is jfce Returns the checked status of this action. If not the jfce is disabled. FileBufferOperationAction File buffer operation action. Action Creates a new action with no text and no image.

SelectionListenerAction The abstract superclass for resource-based actions that listen to selection change events. Looking under the hood It is important to understand what action sets are meant to be used for. Firing text-based events with Hyperlinks. Convenience jjface for removing any mnemonics from the given string.

Subclasses must implement the IAction. Provides a set of acrion related to running and debugging applications.

Classes for standard dialogs, wizards, and preference pages in the Eclipse Platform User Interface. Returns the action’s description if it has one. The key code is stripped of modifiers SWT.