The Ending of Time has ratings and 26 reviews. Timothy said: Dialogs between David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti, enjoyable and provoking on the nature of. KRISHNAMURTI: How shall we start? I would like to ask if humanity has taken a wrong turn. DAVID BOHM: A wrong turn? Well it must have done so, a long time. The Ending of Time Chapter 11 18th September Conversation with Prof. David Bohm ‘The Ending of `psychological’ Knowledge’. KRISHNAMURTI: What.

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That is an important point. But the ego, the ego…. Is that because there is safety or security in it?

So is my endin always deceiving itself? Krishnamurti belonged to no religious organization, sect or country, nor did he subscribe to any school of political or ideological thought. There is no division of any kind.

The question is whether we have a sense of experiencing past and future or whether we are free of that sense. Say, for instance, I have left Catholicism and protestantism, and all that. Texts and talks of Jiddu Krishnamurti. Would you say – I hope this doesn’t sound silly – that the universe, the cosmic order, is in meditation? Order always has that connotation. But we can’t give up the past, even if we think we can.


What is the cause of all this human chaos? How do you convince me that I am caught in an illusion? So do you have an insight into how very destructive the past is to the brain? How do you help me to be free of all this?

It must be totally unconscious, totally uninvited.

The Ending of Time by Jiddu Krishnamurti

Human beings are drowned krisunamurti their problems: But we must be very careful here not to find an excuse for wrong! Now I realize that, but I can’t stop it. So what is the brain to do? All that is extremely clear. A central theme is the suggestion that humanity took a wrong turn in its history, leading to the present day sorrow, conflict, and war.

In India, there is this philosophy that knowledge must end – you know it, of course, the Vedanta.

Ending of Time, The

I wore out my old copy, bought a new one and gave it as a gift and tine another for myself. Is love something outside, which you bring to me, which you awaken in me, which you give me as a gift – or, in my darkness, illusion and suffering, is there that quality? I think it’s essential to have a try, beside of what your believs currently are. From that emptiness that keishnamurti were talking of, is there a ijddu or a source from which all things begin?


The action one feels is timeless and is already going on imperceptably. Each generation repeats the same pattern. How am I to break it down? And also there are the inner feelings.

And of course they compare notes, etc. If I reach something it is still the past. We as humans are constantly looking tume ourselves in an attempt to find out what is true. This habitual tendency becomes a never ending cycle. Ships from and sold by Amazon. And as I have great affection for him, I want him to move out of fragmentation.

This book maybe a little overwhelming for someone who hasn’t read him before. For the man who is becoming, meditation has no meaning whatsoever. He can describe, kkrishnamurti round it, but he can’t give the essence of it.

It’s obvious, time drags when we are suffering and flies when we are happy. Can that entanglement be unravelled, freed, so that the universe is the mind?

Let’s put the question another way: