In this revised and updated edition of the acclaimed text Animal Physiology, the In clear and stimulating style, Knut Schmidt-Nielsen introduces and develops. Animal Physiology by Knut Schmidt-Nielsen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Animal physiology: adaptation and environment / Knut Schmidt-Nielsen Animal Physiology is the acclaimed textbook by Knut Schmidt-Nielsen for all.

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It is not only about how animals function, but about the problems of living and how animals solve them.

It is also about aspects of physiol- ogy that I find particularly fascinating or in- teresting. The book is written for the student who wants to know what animals do and how they do it. physiplogy

The text deals with the familiar subjects of physiology: These subjects are treated in thirteen chapters, arranged according to major en- vironmental features: I consider this ar- rangement important, for there is no way to be a good physiologist, or a good biologist for that matter, without understanding how living or- ganisms function in their environment.


The book is elementary and the needed background is minimal. Here are some of the significant changes in this second edition: The result is an enlightening, cohesive, read- able, and enjoyable text by one of the world’s foremost animal physiologists.

Knut Schmidt-Nielsen – Wikipedia

It should con- tinue to appeal to teachers and students as a leading introduction to the field. Adaptation and environment James B. Printed and bound by The Maple Press Co.

Includes bibliographies and scmidt-nielsen. This may be done by improv- ing existing material and by updating the informa- tion it contains, and I have tried to do both.

Every chapter is revised, important new information is added, and some chapters cover their subjects in greater depth than in the first edition.

As before, I consider that the understanding of principles is more important than the mere ac- cumulation of facts that can smother in boredom the curiosity of interested young people. I have selected new material with this in mind. Those readers who teach physiology may wish to see a listing of changes and improvements. The respiration chapters contain new material on fish respiration, on lungless salamanders, and on the oxygen supply to birds’ eggs.


The chapters on blood and xchmidt-nielsen are expanded and clarified. The chapter on food and feeding contains new ma- terial on marine waxes and their importance in the schmidt-nielesn chain, on nitrogen fixation in termites and in corals, and a substantial expansion of the discus- sion of noxious plant compounds and chemical defenses.

In the chapter on metabolism, new material in- cludes discussions of the oxygen minimum layer in the ocean and of the effects of high pressure and high altitude.

Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

The treatment of problems of scaling and body size is completely revised. The chapters on temperature and heat problems contain new material on thermal tolerance and heat death.

New concepts on the biological impor- tance.