Krysicki W., Bartos J., Dyczka W., Królikowska K., Wasilewski M. Rachunek prawdopodobieństwa i statystyka matematyczna w zadaniach, cz. I i II PWN. Krysicki W, Bartos J, Dyczka W., Królikowska K., Wasilewski M () Rachunek prawdopodobieństwa i statystyka matematyczna w zadaniach. Cz. II. Statysyka. Krysicki, W., Bartos, J., Dyczka, W., Królikowska, K., Wasilewski, M.: Rachunek Prawdopodobieństwa i statystyka matematyczna w zadaniach, PWN, Warszawa .

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Examination of basic conceptions of probability theory and mathematical statistics. Acquisition the skills in study of random events due to mathematical methods. A student who has completed the subject can: Fundamentals of differential and integral calculus. Algebra and plane trigonometry. Classical, geometrical and statistical definition of probability.

Addition and multiplication rules. Law of total probability.

Analiza matematyczna w zadaniach część I

Probability mass function and cumulative distribution function of discrete variable. Bernoulli distribution, binomial distribution, hypergeometric distribution, Poisson distribution. Probability density function and cumulative density function of continuous variable.


Distributions of continuous mayematyczna. Expected values of discrete and continuous variables.

Expected value and variance of 2D variable. Law of large numbers. Theorems of Bernoulli, Chebyshev and Moivre-Laplace.

Elements of mathematical statistics. Statistical definitions and concepcions. Connection between population and random sample.

Estimation of expected value. Interpretation of correlation coefficient in statistical analysis. Absolute and relative moments.

Probabilistic Methods and Statistics (07 74 20)

Ordinary and central moments. Conditional probability of 2D continuous variable. Moments of 2D variable.

Covariance and correlation coefficient. Estimators and their classification. Virtual Laboratories in Probability and Statistics; http: Statystyka matematyczna; PWN, Warszawa