This manual is published for the information and government of the Regular Army and Organized Militia of the United States. By order of the Secretary of War. Rifle, Caliber MA3 contract for , rifles was for- years was accomplished with the by the U.S. Army on May mally established in June This manual differs from TM , Ordnance Maintenance: Rifles, U. S., cal, , Still later, the Rifle MA3 was modified by removing front and rear sight.

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In latethe Remington Arms Co. The magazine mechanism then remains inoperative, and the rifle can be used as a single-loader, the cartridges in the magazine being held in reserve. It has the form of a tapered rod and is- inserted in the bore at the breech. Enter bolt in receiver. As production increased, the Garand began to be issued in manuual numbers, but a surprising number of ’03s remained in front-line use.

A portion of the follower near the front narrow end is bent downward and inward on both sides to seat the magazine spring, and there is a projection on the rear end to hold it in position.

To manuaal the rear sight group of the Rifle M A3 fig.

Keep the drill well oiled. Then insert the slide aperture, so assembled, into the guideways in low end of windage yoke with peep hole end leading. Burs on screw threads should be re- moved with a die. Its po- sition and thickness should be noted as a guide when assembling.

This rifle is identical with the Rifle Ml described in subparagraph a, above, with the excep- tion of the stock assembly. It consists of a large and small leather cap connected by a strap. Gun Sling Ml fig. The butt swivel assembly, consisting of th, plate, swivel, and pin, is permanently assembled and issued complete. Unless the rifle is to be disassembled further, the trigger guard magazine assembly should be reinstalled at once, as the guard screws hold the barrel, receiver, and stock groups together.


In this rifle, the base of the front sight which corresponds to the fixed stud in sub- paragraph b, above, is held on the barrel by a key seated in a longi- tudinal keyway, and a pin passing through the sight base and a groove in the key when assembled. Be sure that trigger and sear are removed from receiver. The plate should never be moved nor the screws allowed to become loose except when adjustment is found to be necessary. The upper locking lug is slotted to allow the passage of the point of the ejector fig.

03 M MA3 03A3 MA4 TM Army Technical Manual | eBay

If safety lock assembly is damaged so that it will not function properly, it should be replaced b. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Note that most of the soldiers shown in this photo are still armed with M rifles. Exceptions with regard to the models are noted where they apply. Disassembly will be considered under two general heads: Strip down rifle to receiver, barrel, and bolt. Remove front sight pin by driving out from left and remove front sight fig. mqnual

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Check front sight maanual shine par. Anywone with even a modicum of interest in the subject is aware of the famous “United States Rifle, Caliber. NOTE, step 4below. The weapon will be thoroughly cleaned and reoiled every 5 days.

Hand Guard Assembly, Inspect hand guard for splits m11903a3 missing hand guard clips. It i9 generally applied by swabbing large parts and as a bath for small parts.

This cleaner is a combination solvent and preservative issued for use by troops for cleaning small arms. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

The metal body is m1093a3 into a groove in top just back of beveled rim. The ’03 remained in service “between the wars” and saw action around the globe in the s and s, including such locations as the Caribbean, Central America and China.


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If such peening does not take up the slack, the ring should be replaced. It is snapped on over the front sight with the sloping portion to the rear. East Dane Designer M190a33 Fashion. Use OIL, lubricating, preserva- tive.

Weight of- Rifles M and MA1 without bayonet or gun sling 8. Inspect blade for deformation, broken or nicked point, nicked or burred blade edge, unserviceable dullness and burs.

Full text of “Ordnance maintenance : U.S. rifles, cal. , M, MA1, MA3 and MA4”

If threads are worn so as to make screws loose, screws should be replaced. Drive rear sight slide cap very gently to left out of mortise in rear sight slide. Inspect as explained for Bayonet Scabbard M3 in paragraph There is a small 1m903a3 in one end of the bolt stop spring. As either of these followers may be found assembled in any of the rifles covered in this manual, identification is necessary when removing the follower, as explained manula the section on disassembly and assembly.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Even though rather crude by pre-war standards, the ’03A3 was a strong and serviceable rifle that could be made much faster and much manuql expensively than previous M variants. Inspect sling as a unit for appearance, general condition, and functioning of keeper buckle and security of hook when assembled to rifle.

In general, maintenance operations are of a first-aid nature.

Often only parts of assemblies will be worn or broken; where it takes more time to remove the serviceable parts from the assembly than the parts are worth, the assembly should be scrapped.