In a study on ponds in the Golestan Province, Iran, a number of shrimps was caught and identified as Macrobrachium nipponense. Due to the. A population of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense is recorded from Anzali Lagoon, along the shores of the southern Caspian Sea in Iran, with. The oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense) is mainly distributed in East Asia. The phylogeography, population genetic structure and.

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Standardized white spot syndrome virus WSSV inoculation procedures for intramuscular or oral macorbrachium. Controlled bioassay systems for determination of lethal infective doses of tissue homogenates containing Taura syndrome or white spot nilponense virus.

Traditional methods are usually used to dry fish nipponnese shrimp such as sunshine and hot air. In this study, the increase in the lightness of samples was more in the dried shrimp by the oven and under vacuum dryers.

Otherwise, the type of drying methods did not make a difference in protein contents. The tiny shrimp is commonly used as a dry product. A blank containing all reagents except the sample was titrated. The results showed that with the increase in the storage time, the amount of thiobarbituric acid was increased, but its value in all treatments was within the acceptable limits for 6 months, in fact, less than the maximum declared for lipid oxidation.

The minimum and maximum temperature was 6. But the color of dried shrimp meat appeared a little darker.

Pour plate method macrobgachium used in this study. To small blender jar, was added 10 g sample, 50 ml chloroform and 50 ml methanol. Identification of distribution of Macrobrachium nipponense in freshwater ecosystems and coastal waters of Golestan Province, Caspian Sea.

Macrobrachium nipponense – Wikipedia

Then it was filtered on a Buchner funnel through Whatman No. Current status of shrimp aquaculture nipponensf Taiwan. The relationship between fecundity and length was found to be linear regression models for Alagol, Ajigol and nonlinear regression models for Almagol lagoon.


In the injection test, the mortality was found to be dose-dependent.

Creators Email Bandani, Gholamali. The results of peroxide value in the dried shrimp during six months storage at ambient temperature indicated that the amount of peroxide increased with the increase in the storage time.

Chemical analysis and color measurement of dried shrimps by three methods cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers during 6 months storage at ambient temperature. Three 10 ml aliquots of chloroform filtrate were transferred into pre-weighed aluminum drying dishes and allowed to evaporate the solvent. At the beginning of the test, they were asked to rinse their mouth with water and then smell and taste the prototypes.

The flavour and taste of dried shrimp in the first month also had a good rating for 6 months. Other parameters derived from the above color parameters include the Chroma index indicating the intensity of the colorthe Hue angle an indicator of the food color that is the angles of 0 or degrees, representing the red and the angles 90, and degrees represents the yellow, green and blue colors, respectively and the brown index the product color changes to brown color [ 35 ].

Experimental susceptibility of different life-stages of the giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Manto white spot syndrome virus WSSV. Therefore, the results of this study suggest the use of cabinet-type air dryer along with a vacuum packaging in metalize films for drying marine products such as shrimp.

But in dry samples, low humidity greatly inhibits oxidation. Nevertheless, they gained a good score in the final acceptance by trained panel members.

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It is hypothesized that these species may be introduced randomly or through the transfer of fish from their natural habitats, such as China, to the Iranian waters. Fatty acid composition of the samples was assessed according to the protocol of Castro et al. However, there was no statistically significant difference between samples dried under vacuum and cabinet-type air dryers. Choi 4 and T. Because the sample starts to absorb moisture. But this increase was in an acceptable range.


The Chroma index and Hue angle with increase in the storage time decreased, which indicates a decline in initial quality over time. As well as vacuum packaging is a good method to prevent destructive microorganisms. Hwang 2Y.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

In this study, the major fatty acids were found Table 1: The statistical analysis was performed using the SAS software. After a little shaking the balloons by hand, 2 g magnesium oxide and anti-bumping granules were added to them.

On the other hand, Niamnuy et al. This means that the suspension of peptone water 45 ml with sample 5 g was prepared at various dilutions.

Macrobrachium nipponense (De Haan, 1849)

Also, they reported that use of the high temperature for drying process could speed up the breakdown of peroxides into carbonyl components, and thus the peroxide value may remain low. Typically, the first qualitative feature of food is considered by the consumer is its appearance and color. Total volatile bases expressed as mg nitrogen per g sample:.

Using the same rate of heating, was distilled for exactly 25 min. Macroobrachium addition, the contamination by dust, insects or excessive drying may be occurred. Its price is heavily dependent on its quality. White Spot Syndrome Virus in cultured shrimp: But Niamunuy et al.

Because, the preservation of product taste after drying is highly dependent on nipponensw drying method. Regarding the count of mold and yeast, no mold was observed in any of the samples. So today in the lagoon of Anzali, especially the region of Siah Darvishan is faced with a huge mass of M. More information and software credits.