Apr 27, We meet in late March, in London, where Halevy is promoting his first book, Man in the Shadows. In a quietly classy, old-fashioned hotel. Efraim Halevy is a lawyer and an Israeli intelligence expert. He was the ninth director of In he published the book Man in the Shadows, covering Middle Eastern history since the late s. Halevy was interviewed about his book on. Efraim Halevy, the former head of the Mossad (), who was born in London in , dedicated forty years of his life to that organization. Halevy defined.

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He said ‘absolutely not’. Inhe was selected to the Chief Branches Forum.

Efraim Halevy: Man in the Shadows

Times of Israel readers will have a chance to hear him for themselves when he is interviewed live on stage in Jerusalem by founding editor David Horovitz on February Hamas could actually be a very effective force opposing al-Qaida. In a quietly classy, old-fashioned hotel, he insists on ordering his own herbal tea and I wonder, briefly, if people from Mossad tend not to accept tea from strangers.

He was also a reformer inside the Mossad: After the failure of the Mossad operation to assassinate Hamas leader Khaled Mashal inhe took an active part in Benjamin Netanyahu ‘s hzlevy to return the Mossad men captured in Jordanand to settle the crisis with the King of Jordan.


He argued that Binyamin Netanyahu usually accepted the Mossad’s policies. For a deeper understanding of Israel and the region.

Hamas could be shdaows potential competitor to al-Qaida. Actually, the shoe is on the other foot. Sharon then became the driving force behind withdrawing from Gaza, to the rage of the settler movement that he’d spent much of his life encouraging.

Might elected officials speak in the same way, publicly, about the potential for engaging with Hamas? New firearms regulations and police use of lethal force in Argentina.

Efraim Halevy steps out of the shadows

And a few days after I interviewed Halevy, a senior Israeli official told me, off the record: After Rantisi’s death, Hamas did not announce the name of his successor. Efraim Halevy is no dove. Hamas wants to destroy the state of Israel but does not aim to destabilise countries and societies around the world. At the end of this book, Halevy provided the reader with the best chapter dealing with Muslim terrorism.

– Efraim Halevy: Man in the Shadows

The Israeli agents returned home. So at the moment, there is no incentive to act against them. Now entering his 83rd year, Halevy has shrugged off his professionally imposed silence, emerging into the limelight as a trenchant observer of the urgent strategic challenges facing his country.

InHalevy became chairman of the Shorashim program, a program that helps immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union verify their Jewish ancestry. He pointed to the cease-fire in attacks on Israel that Hamas declared two years ago and has largely honored. For decades, Efraim Halevy rarely spoke his mind in public. Moreover, Hamas has a broader role to play within the Muslim world. The rest tell of his time working for the prime ministers, especially in negotiating Israel’s peace with Jordan, and of his ideas for dealing with “international Muslim fundamentalist terror”.


The pullout, he believes, involved too much confrontation within Israeli society.

View the discussion thread. Where al-Qaida is concerned, “the only solution is total destruction”, he believes.

Efraim Efrakm was head of Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service, from to But the true interests of the state and the Mossad demanded that I act otherwise. Halevy does not discuss the relations between the Mossad and the electronic mass media and the world of the Internet.

Halevy has written extensively on Israel’s relationship with the United States, generally taking a moderate, pragmatic view of the Washington-Jerusalem alliance. The door is on closed to them, but there are preconditions.

Man in the Shadows: One can see that Halevy has a huge experience in intelligence and diplomatic subjects.