quiso homenajear a Chinato grabando un disco con sus poemas. El disco se cierra con un décimo corte (llamado “Manolillo Chinato”) en el que las. Uoho, Fito Cabrales e Manolo Chinato; e a colaboración de membros tanto de Nalgúns casos conteñen ou son adaptacións de versos ou poemas de. [1] In , for the first time, its prose counterpart was presented: the Manuel to the poems by Manolo Chinato so most of the lyrics are verses made by him.

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Sophie Robinson Londres, Robinson es poeta y profesora. Las versiones son de Luis David Palacios. Tu nombre se invierte en mis labios conforme. Trasformamos muchachas nos deslizamos bajo. La naturaleza vertical de una muchacha, desmentida. Your name reverses itself on my lips as. I swallow the anger like a little boy, a. Your name; the cchinato of inversion.

  BEGA 2512 PDF

We invert girls we slither under. The upright nature of a girl, belied by.

I found myself dwelling in the conceptual. Other Poetries by U. Meditations on a empty roomde Sophie Robinson.


Salgado formigar no olho no rosto eu estou arenosa. Penso demais nas oportunidades futuras. Este poema deveria ser maior, e mais cuidadoso. Some times like sin sugar that broke that crashes. Chinaro of rib like rip off cloth and let salt. Winds scathe in eye in face I am sandy.

Think too often about the forward times. When our things are out and old on the street. When we are out of time, stink, are the laughed.

At lucky ones or, worse, screaming in two. Different hospitals, species strangers. This is the ailing.

Frases para Manolo t

Of peace, the rearrangement of passion. We do not kiss but strum ourselves apart. The sun has its sins, the heart its heavy. This poem should be longer, and more careful.


Um regime devotado ao tempo. A regime devoted to time. Eu quero ser sua Maiakovski.

I wanna be your Mayakovsky. I got buckets of love for you so come over.